Youtube wtf

So ive made a couple gameplay videos…very short mostly ive gotten 400 views or so ina day…but my hit counter has froze on 2 of them…wtf youtube i know i dont have a ■■■■ ton of people watching them but i showed it tp a couple people and it gave me no hits for it…


That’s really cool you have had so many people watch your videos!

You must be really good. What do you play?

I play a game called Dark Age of Camelot which I think you would like because you can chose to play Midgard and be a viking. The makers of the game have done a lot of research into the time period and the mythology around the three realms you can play.

I play mostly in Hibernia because I love celtic folklore.

You can download the game for free and play a free ten day trial directly from their website.


Right now i play…dont starve…witcher 3…a little black ops 3…all ps4 games…the ps4 has a share button it renders and sends it straight to youtube all in the backround…my comp sucks and it takes forever to render video…

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what games? and man I drew up that creature yous was speaking bout


Holy crap thats cool…i have a list of more monsters for you…i will send asoon as i get it off my comp…sorry took so long life has been a pain lately…

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hey yo no worries… I’m glad you like it

Its awesome looking…you should try dont starve…its my favorite indie game the price is decent and i play it as much or more as i do the witcher 3

I’ll be practically flat broke for a while now as I’m trying to save some money.

I do think I’ve heard of it. Anyways take care my friend. I’m looking forward to seeing your list.

Will see you around.

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Ill post a couple samples of it…it has an underground system with unique monsters and mechanics and weather

You can feed the pigs meat and they will help you but man they are dumb

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