Computers stuff

In the process of setting up my gaming rig in my bedroom. New monitor, new 5.1 speakers and new headphones. Also new keyboard and mouse.

Will post pictured when complete @ozymandias


@Jimbob are u gaming gigs are latest…i love to play games too…
which games are u playing recently…just curious…!!!

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I don’t have time playing games. I did want to have time to play game.

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Really like RPGs like the witcher. Big world of Warcraft player too. Like fps but not that good at them.

What do you play?


i played theif and castelvania along far cry3.

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People think I’m weird cuz I prefer to read over Pokemon go


I was yelling nerds out the window at some go players last night…but they were adults and they knew I was joking…lol


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