The Weekend Lounge

The weekend before Christmas and what are you

Doing ?

wish I could peek in through the monitor, but I guess that would be creepy :scream: LOL


I’ve got to wrap some presents, thanks for the reminder.


aw, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing anymore, it’s 52 degrees in my house- brrrrrr, heater don’t seem to do much but blow cold air.
Eating a banana and a ‘aussie bite’ but I really want an ‘It’s-It’, vanilla ice cream sandwiched between 2 oatmeal cookies then dipped in chocolate- for those not familliar with them.


wow that is chilly, i got my heater going nice and cozy in the livingroom

I’ll be right over.
(just kidding, don’t be angry) :smiley_cat:

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Started dishes then fell asleep, now the waters cold

I will be sitting around as usual :cat2:

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Sit up straight with your shoulders back :stuck_out_tongue:

Doing: Same thing
Wearing: Same thing! Hey if its comfortable and looks good today, why not tomorrow?
Eating: Same th-- no. I don’t know yet.
Drinking: Same thing! Coffee, water, coffee, water

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Sitting on a chair in the bedroom looking at my phone and drinking coffee. It’s 23 F outside and I have the curtains open so I can see the frost on the ground and trees… It’s a beautiful day so far.
I cleaned up cat pee earlier and it made me grumpy. After apologizing to my husband for attacking him verbally for the cats mistake, I’m hiding out by myself and calmly restarting the day. :smile_cat:


I should do something I suppose, like ly on the couch

OOOh found a free couch on line, it’s nice but RED

Doing: finished wrapping Christmas gifts and writing cards so I’m just here now

Eating: White chocolate
Drinking: Water and coffee

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awww you have chocolate :sob:

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I’m studying for finals, wearing my pajamas, eating pastries from Starbucks and drinking a latte.

It’s snowy outside, but the snow is all slushy and gross :frowning:

I never really liked chocolate, but recently I’ve “discovered” it and now I can’t get enough, it’s pretty much all I’m eating!

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Thats where they went…

So you don’t answer me?

where never seen a comment?

Watching myself going crazy again. Stay up all night sleep during the day. Waiting for the voices to kick in as i can’t cope with the assumed Xmas expectations presents and be present. I have to increase my medication as every xmas. I thought i am free this year. Never mind. Merry Christmas everybody:)

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the government does that. why not us? :slight_smile:

just kidding, everyone. :stuck_out_tongue: