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Ah @Csummers

I posted personal message

Complete ignoreland

Oh thought i never answered

:scream: I guess I should get dressed

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What did I miss?


Well honey just wondering about your current health care plan

You’re too late today for Obama care

I’ve spent the day following the arctic front moving through the region. I haven’t done much else today. Much of my Christmas was celebrated in Thanksgiving where I gave and received some presents. My family members closer to home are trying to plan a get together or two but otherwise I’m chilling out today figuratively and now literally. I’ve just put on my sweater as my room will be chilly soon.

Yeah, I’ve given up.
Found out just this enrollment time- from a commercial no less- that I could have re-enrolled in medicare part B without paying a huge monthly penalty for as long as I 'm on it.
Quite the contrast from what I was told from 3 visits in person to ‘Covered Ca’ people, once in person to my former HMO’s Human Resources lady, and suprizingly enough Social Security themselves.

Matters not, I’ve gone this long without a Dr and meds (including Thyroid replacement meds) so if something is going to shorten my life- I’d welcome it.
Why fight nature?

Harry London chocolates…apparently $70 for two stacks of chocolate from Angela’s sister. they are goo uh ood. haha…I have our two stray cats locked up in my bedroom and they get along so I am happy that they aren’t freezing outside…everybody’s cozy and warm this season except for my chicken outside…my poor chicken took a beating from first thing this morning we had to go get the neighbors dogs from eating the chicken but I think they got a hold of it…then to make matters worse we gave them a piece of fencing to try and help lock the dogs in the backyard so they don’t get out and “they” left our back gate open when they left and so our hound dog almost completely killed the chicken. when I got a hold of RooRoo atttacking the chicken, I took her collar and made her let go of the chicken rooster…I looked in the eyes of the rooster because I thought he was dead and he got up looked at me in the eyes and walked away while I dragged RooRoo off back to the house. the rooster was playing dead while RooRoo had her in her jaws.!


that chicken is a liability, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

be careful about bedbugs.

@pob is back! cool!

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Fell asleep on the couch, seemed like a long night, but I’m up at 3 am

Someone make me breakfast…

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-10 wind chills today. Roads aren’t to bad I think it didn’t rain last night like the night before.

Warming up to 40 on Tursday.

Have to work today. Boo

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