So what's on today folks?

i have a wash that needs to b dried, kitchen to clean, lounge to clean, litter trays to empty, animals to feed and walk, dinner to cook, take and pick up my son from school, take my daughter to work and gut my daughter’s room ready to paint on saturday or sunday. so busy day for me. what r u all up to today?


It’s about 10:00 pm here on Thursday night. I’ll go to bed soon, get up at 5:30 am or 6:00 am and go to work. After work, maybe I’ll run an errand and I need to do some reading for my class.

Who knows what will happen?

Today I came out of the apartment to go to the Dr and discovered snow and wind. Put on skimask and snow overalls, military thermals I found, boots and a waterproof coat. Busses didn’t have chains yet and traffic was hell so I got downtown almost an hour late and walked about a mile in the windy snow blast to my appt since the traffic was dead stopped the driver opened up the bus doors and we all just got off and started walking. Got to appointment an hour late and luckily the schedule was nonexistent by then due to weather lol so he was able to see me after all!. Then doggies and I enjoyed the snow out on a walk…and since late this afternoon the city of Portland has been digging a huge hole with cats until they reached the pipe. While walking home I saw water gushing out of the ground! Now they’re still working its been like nine hours! Lol I saw one of them do coke! But hey if it gets their job done faster and keeps them warm… so didn’t do much besides sit in traffic on the bus! Decided to pick up the seroquel tomorrow since I can’t drive n the snow is to continue all weekend. So tomorrow will be a bus filled day. And I wanted to do chores! Let’s see if I get any done :slight_smile:

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It blows me away because Portland is snow bound and so far Seattle hasn’t had a flake. But this cold is really bugging me.

Today I go to work for a few hours and then the kid sis and I have another round of co-therapy. She and I clean the place up on Friday afternoons so we can play on Saturday and Sunday. Friday night around 11:00 p.m. is usually when we do the grocery shopping for the week. But it’s so icy after dark though we might do it early in the day.

I have my math homework done and I have to edit and post my english home work today.

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Lol I was just thinking hey I wonder if j is getting any snow up there? It’s soo beautiful. But this wind is relentless! I hope you get some, its more satisfying to have snow when its cold out instead of just frigid dry weather

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Today is Saturday here in New Zealand. It’s 3:45AM.

I plan on going into town with my girlfriend and having lunch or something. I’m feeling like Chinese food presently. Those fried wontons are irresistible. Either that or Sushi while it’s fresh. Just something at the food court.

Today I get to see my Bestfriend/sister that I rarely get to see. So I’m very excited about today!


i am going to take a drive on to the top most mountain range i live on, some parts look like scotland ( with gum trees ! ) it is really beautifull, you can see for hundreds of kilometres.
take care


where are you from darksith?

jaynebeal, let us know how you did. I got to say that about all I did today was run my car’s engine for l5 minutes to keep the battery from going dead. It’s stuck in our driveway. Not too thrilling a day, although I was glad to see the stock market rebound after Monday’s dip.

to beautiful chordy,
australia…high country, well highish country, well very big hills…about 1500metres above sea level.
take care

Are they the kind of gum trees with sort of star shaped leaves that turn red in the fall - and have sticky seed case balls?

hi chordy. i put two washes on and two dries, cleaned the kitchen sides, two loads of dishwashing and washing up, gutted my daughter’s room, took the dogs to the woods in the rain, cooked pizza for max and a toastie for me and i’m just about to have a shower at 1am lol. so not too bad but could be better. also loaded up the car with sams old bed to take to the tip.

I don’t agree that it could have been better. I’m impressed.

aww thanx chordy xxx i guess i just don’t feel like i live up to my mum’s standards. she’s a doing things person which is what i want to b. i’m just not very good at it at the moment. i need to improve a lot. i think i will get a bit more active around the house if i get a bit more active in general. like going swimming more often. i haven’t been for months. i’m going to the rec centre tomorrow to reactivate my membership. then to start i will go once a week and c if i can build it up to twice a week. gotta lose this weight!

the gums here, the leaves turn red with new growth but there are so many variations of gum tree, you might be thinking of the blue gum, it is synonymous with the australian landscape.
i like gum trees they are like ghosts in the landscape .
take care

Are they eucalyptus trees?

Idk what I am doing tomorrow, maybe go to costa again with sweep and just chill with a pot of tea etc, everything is a bit of a blur right now tbh,

I don’t like things right now nothing is very nice, I guess I’ll need to get some shopping :frowning: I hate shopping.

Maybe I’ll go for a drive

I’ll prolly do the same thing I always do. Roll out of bed around noon, play some poker on xbox, consider doing some housework, prolly not do any housework, possibly go out to eat or eat inside, smoke, play some more poker on xbox, watch tv, mope around being depressed, nap, sleep.