How was your day?


well i’ve been going through a tough time recently with a med change, hence the reason i haven’t been posting as much. we had our early christmas and i cooked christmas dinner for 13 people. it was fun but a lot of hard work in the kitchen. we had roast turkey, roast ham, pigs in blankets, sprouts, roast parsnips, carrots and shallots with gravy and bread sauce and yorkshire puddings. followed by pavlova and chocolate cake and cream. i was cooking from 11am till 7pm…then we ate and drank from 7pm till 5.30am the next day. it was great! i wasn’t too good in the days leading up to it but it gave me something to concentrate on so that was good…
in the past three weeks i’ve had one shower. i’ve washed my hair all the time and just used baby wipes everywhere else. i’m clean but not clean enough. i’ve promised myself a long shower this morning, or bath. i’ve been using an epilator on my body so at least i’m hair free :smiley:

up at 4am this morning and i’m whitening my teeth as i write. it’s time to get back on track i feel. i started on the kitchen yesterday, cleaning the sides, the hob and the sink and drainer, did a load of washing, cleared out my cabinets in my room, took the doogies to the woods, picked up the poo in the garden and did 5 loads in the dishwasher. it’s taking a while to reach the optimum dose i guess. went up to 15mgs abilify last week and it seems to be doing the trick from yesterday. i’m hoping it’s going to level out some more and i’ll be even better shortly, though it’s only been a week and in the last two or three days i’ve felt better already. gotta stay at this dose for 6 weeks and see what, if anything happens.

so anyway, just thought i’d let you all know where i’ve been. xxx


@jaynebeal it seems we are in the same boat. I just had my pdoc give me permission for a new prescription to double my dose of prolixin generic. I already seem less anxious if that’s possible? I am glad you had a feast it sounds like, and good on you for cooking and cleaning all that ! I was amazed at how many pans and dishes were created by the thanksgiving meal we had. anyways, get well soon jayne. love you.


You were very productive as usual. Good for you.


You did a superhuman amount of work, Jane. I’m proud of you.


wow what are you a machine ?
i am totally impressed.
i went into ’ small ’ town and got coffee and :cake: .
so now i have to work…boring.
take care from totally impressed :alien:


Only a born psychologist could cope with my bi-polar wife’s Christmas campaign. I’m not a born psychologist.


Wow Jayne—a great feast! It would take me 3 weeks to rest from that.
I am so glad you are feeling better!!


It’s the week before finals and I’m still burnt out from midterms with 0 motivation to study or do much of anything. I just want the semester to be over. I hate every class (they’re like all math!!) except one I’m taking this semester, it’s all prereqs and nothing for my major.

Last night the demons were harassing me again and I was pleading with God to make it stop, I was afraid I’d start crying with my roommate in the room and then suddenly all my helpers were around me and I felt their love and warmth shielding me from the demons and I was so happy I fell right asleep. So I mean today I felt good because of that. But I’m still burnt out.


My day was not great. I had to run errands for mom. I’ve been barely motivated. I lost about 3 days worth of studying due to not getting enough sleep, because of my step mom’s surgery. I am trying to keep my spirits up by procrastinating. Sometimes taking breaks is all that keeps my stress levels down. I am at the end of my rope, but …

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt


I’m having trouble with motivation. I also have had Sinusitis (a cold) for about 4 weeks now. My math prof. decided to give us an online exam the weekend before finals. I have had to take care of my bed ridden mother since Friday, including taking her to the doctors and picking up prescriptions. I’m here, so I’m not studying. I have 2 finals within 3 hours of each other. I am drained. I will get up early and study though. Sometimes a reset of the day is worth it. Tomorrow morning I will probably feel better.


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just waiting to take sam to her training and for bradley to go out, then a telepjone app with my shrink and then…shower time!! getting wierded out just thinking about it but once i’m in there i’ll be fine i think. thanks for the reminder hunni x


My day was okay today,I am quite contend