Happy Christmas all of you


What are your plans?
My sister and two kids come on Christmas Eve
It will be lovely to spend the holidays with them as they are a joy!


Not doing anything. Although I might do criss support on a depression forum. Tends to be very few that do give support on the day but a lot struggling. Can be very draining though literally doing it on my own. So I’ll see how my symptoms are and play it by ear. Also hoping for the Dr Who Xmas special as last years was on the day. So something to look forward to. Although after a google it’s on boxing day. So will have to wait till then for it.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the time with your loved ones on the day. All the best.


I’m going to my brother’s to make cookies on Thursday. He works on christmas, so it will be me + the crows.


happy Christmas @shellys12! I plan to eat as much ben and jerries as I like LOL


Angie and me are just going to have a quiet Christmas dinner. we already have exchanged gifts. She got me Sergeant Pepper’s by the Beatles and the White Album. and I gave her $100 plus some Bob Seger CD’s. We are expecting Christmas cash from my mom around Christmas Eve. I love my mom for that. Not many moms give you cash because we prefer it. haha…Merry Christmas.! by the way, I just “adopted” the neighbor dog that never gets attention and I go two or three times a day to hold and pet it. I might get in trouble but until then I plan on going every day. Cheers me up to help the poor doggie.


Merry Christmas

Planning on staying warm and cozy on Christmas.


that’s doesn’t look warm and cozy ! Brrrr

Now if they were all sitting together snuggled in one sleigh it would be warm and cozy…

actually that’s a pretty scene… :slight_smile:



we’ve already had our early christmas. we invited 13 people to dinner, got a massive turkey and gammon, cooked pigs in blankets, roast parsnips, yorkshires, sprouts, carrots, sausage and sage and onion stuffing, roast shallots, bread sauce and proper gravy. so now the proper christmas is coming we shall have a quiet day cooking roast chicken, roast spuds, roast parsnips, broccoli, cauli-cheese, yorkshires, bread sauce, stuffing and gravy and of course pigs in blankets! then i will put my voices to the back of my mind and try and watch a movie or two with my son. my daughter is going to her boyfriend’s as he came to us on early christmas so it will be just Maxim and me. hope fully the dinner will only take two and half hours to cook, an hour to prep the veg and stuffing and such then we can settle down for a lovely meal…then i will probably, after the movies get royally pissed and spend the night talking shite on facebook and on here lol


@jaynebeal oh if I could see and taste that feast !! man, jayne you really know how to put on a spread of food.!! we are planning on a roast dinner. anyways, I hope you enjoy your food.!!


Christmas Eve… my kid sis and I exchange our gifts and have some hanging out time… the two of us. My sis LOVES to go downtown and look at all the Christmas lights. We usually end up doing something simple but quirky. What ever we do… there will be hot chocolate and sticky popcorn.

Christmas Day… The extended family gathers at my parents house and I usually duck out.
This year… I’m going to make more of an effort to stay.


Merry Birthday!