The trouble with being diagnosed with paranoia and being sent to Coventry

Is that people can repeatedly ignore you and then if you say anything say ‘It’s your paranoia’.


I’m sorry you feel like that. I get annoyed when people tell me I’m delusional, because it’s real to me. When I was in the throws of psychosis I felt it was urgent that people know what was really going on. As I got the right treatment it got worlds better. I’m still a little touchy though when my doctor says I’m delusional. It’s like no I’m not I’m better now. How is it that other people know with such confidence what is real and what is not? Oh well. :sunny:

I hate it when people say that to me. Even if it is… don’t say it. For the family who I’m close too… they are gentle about it and only say it when I’m in the middle of an episode.

Another one that will tick me off is…
Me… “I disagree with you about this”
Them… “Did you take your meds?”

Then I’m angry.

I had this especially in the early stages of being ill,from my mother. If i voiced a different opinion- " Have you taken your pills?" or " I think you’re getting ill again"

It’s just on another forum. I try and help as much as i can but when i need help/support replies to my posts are few and far between. Then if i say anything i get told it wasn’t deliberate they just weren’t up to replying. Then when i point out it’s funny how this happens to my posts and yet i see them replying to others i get told it’s my paranoia. I get sick of the ■■■■■■■■. Much rather they were honest and admitted they make a point of ignoring my posts.

I don’t think it’s deliberate though. I can’t see you giving people a reason to snub you. You’re not obnoxious or mean. There’s times I post on here and only a couple of people respond, while on other posts everyone seems to respond. I don’t take it personally though. Maybe people relate better to the other posters. I’m just grateful for the likes and replies I do get. Take care. :sunny: