I am tired of being treated as a "crazy"

it just seems like that sums it up.

here on the forums there’s relief for me from you. thanks, judy


I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill, so I don’t feel so separate from others. I do feel like we are conspicuous when we go to town.

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they are not worth it i know a lot of people who could be considere crazy. Some of them dont even realize it there was this guy telling me a story about himself at school and i was like yep thats called a psychosis and they dont even realize it.he was talking about how satan is real and every night he enter is body. And im sure your not THAT crazy :laughing:

every now and then i’m treated like i’m crazy by people. it is a little scary to see things like shadow people and gremlins and I imagine it must freak people out to see me react to them.

to be fair a lot of people have been very nice to me in my area and around and about, i don’t tell them all my diagnosis but they know that i have had mental health problems and a lot of them know that i take meds, i try and down play it and i think that works well.

@ifeelblessed you are not alone. not here. I love you.

usually when people ask why I don’t work I just tell them I got sick and they usually don’t ask more than that.

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that’s so sweet of you jukebox. i love you too. take care, judy :slight_smile:

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