The "too good to be true" delusion

I get this delusion that people are not who they say they are…it lasts for a few minutes and then I snap out of it by thinking it through.

For example, I think new friends or lady friends are just hired to get close to me to learn about my status and report on it to my doctors and the psychologists making a case study. I started hanging out with another paranoid schizophrenic guy I get through a classmate in the honors psych program at school, and for five minutes I thought he was actually a grad student in psychology on orders to hangout with me and my old buddies and observe my behavior and learn about my symptoms, we talked a lot about our unmedicated days, he is on the same meds as me and is doing really well just like me. But it quickly passed, I used my skills from that logic class I aced to prove myself wrong.

Or like when I am dating someone, I think that they already know who I am and are just trying to get more information about me for a case study. It passes when I prove it wrong to myself.

Anyone else have this crap?


This happens to me frequently. I don’t know if its a true delusion because I have pretty good insight when it happens. I call them distorted or twisted thinking. I sometimes think that my parents - brother are in on a conspiracy against me, like they are spies or something. I also have my own ideas of people that no one else shares. I am pretty sure that it is a common trait/symptom for schizophrenics to have. I call them thought distortions - they pop up from time to time, even when I am well medicated


Same, I get it pretty often. Sometimes I have a hard time believing the internet is just the internet. I get the thought that sites like this are designed to get my perspective on what I know and ‘get into my head’. Like a clever/elaborate monitoring scheme.

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I use to think that some people where awakened. They were seated with Christ, in the government of God. I would think they knew everything.

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i thought that one was pretty normal for everyone, it is like conspiracy gone mad…
mostly i think it is MI6, or when i’m driving i think the car behind is cheching out my driving because he wants me to be in V8s’ ( an australian driving competition in oz ).
but i know it is all rubbish the delusion only last a few seconds most of the time.
take care


I hate this! It gets to me everytime! I do it so often that sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m doing it and I think it’s one of my main problems to overcome in order to rebuild my social life.

My version of this usually ties to:
“Everyone hates me”
“They’re out to get me”

Sometimes it gets so bad that its still happening after I’ve been at home alone for hours. I usually have to make some kind of psychotic/frustrated yell at the walls to get centered again.

What do you do to see through it or break it down logically? Tell me the secrets, Swami!

In logic, conclusions must have premises, so I have to ask myself why I think someone is someone else and then I realize that I only have one or two shitty weak premises and never a deductive argument

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$&*@! Using this method has led me to the deduction that everyone at work really DOES dislike me.

lol who gives a ■■■■ about the people at your work…work is a four letter word

Haters gonna hate

Master baiters gonna bait

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Good for you with your degree, I would find myself asking dumb questions like why isn’t it possible for people you know to be watching you constantly. This “delusion,” as i like to call it because i think it’s real has been going on four years with visual delusions, like i think people are looking out my eyes with me, and about a year with voices. They’re always negative, and their newest one is having these guys i had a crush on for a while saying they like me then making up excuses like i’m too fat or won’t have sex with them on the first date. They also tell me i’m getting pregnant with these tiny children, like 3 inches tall or whatever, oh now they’re telling me they just mean premature babies, (lol voices are hilarious) and the babies walk away with their fathers and their new mother. it’s crazy. none of these, however, are too good to be true.

Sorry to hear that your voices suck. Mine are gone, I have misperceptual hallucinations (people saying things they didnt actually say), thats what my shrink called them, and delusions 10% of the time. It’s gone up to 10% of the time in the past couple of months. Maybe its because I havent had sex in a little over a month. I was screwing on a schedule for a few months and then quit. It was nice, after workouts with one person and after class with one person. I jerked off 3 times in one day the other day and then dreamed about masturbating in public last night. Anyways, my doctor wants full bloodwork done, he thinks there is something wrong with either my testosterone, thyroid or vitamin levels. I go from depressed and sleepy one day a week to testy for the rest of the time, caffeine plays a role but I drink the same amount of caffeine every day so something else is responsible.

■■■■ today, some symptoms flared up. Wait I mean skullfuck today. I got a rush of people talking about me and delusions at the orthodontists and then some serious symptoms in the gym. But I got a good workout in and saw my uncle and cousin afterwards, they’re cool. Time for dinner and meds.

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I am moving from a townhouse to a one bedroom apartment. As I empty closets and cupboards I feel that people are hiding in my house in the empty places and are waiting to get me. It’s hard to make the difference.