What's ur latest delusion?

my voices lead my thinking process and try and convince me of many things. their latest ones r about different dimensions being accessable after death. they would have me believe that i used to b a man and that i jacked the body of a little girl either backwards through time travel or across another dimension. or that i will jump dimensions and relive my life after death so that i can change it for the better. if only lol. i haven’t actually fallen for anything they’ve said and don’t believe a word of it, though it has given me great material for some stories i’d like to write. like i said b4. experience is a wonderful thing and that gives me a logical view. according to science some of these things r theoretically plausible if u believe in other dimensions and reincarnation but my experience of my voices always (now) makes me poo poo their ideas about me. they try very hard to convince me of these “facts” but i’m not going for it anymore. it’s all ■■■■■■■■ as far as i can see and i’ll b quite happy using it as material for a few stories. what about u? what’s ur latest delusion?


That my inlaws are trying to kill me and make my partner help. My partner says it’s not true but i can’t help what the voices tell me.

oh hunni. that’s awful to b going through. u have to disregard what the voices say. i know its difficult but no one is going to harm u and the only person ur hurting by believing the voices is u. good luck hunni. xxx

My most recent delusion was about three months ago when for some reason I was convinced that my kid sister was pregnant. She’s not, but for a bit, I couldn’t get over the hopeful feeling that I was going to be an Uncle. (Even though I already am an Uncle. My brothers already have kids.) Things got a little silly for a bit. I made life a little harder then it needed to be. I was very sad when it passed and I realized that there was no baby on the way. I really wanted there to be one. But hey, my kid sis wasn’t a pregnant teen.

Thanks jaynebeal, i know it’s not true, but the voices are so convincing you know . I’m hoping the new med the doctor put me on helps with the voices and delusions.

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The latest and only delusion I’ve had recently is this girl. I believe in telepathy whether because of my illness or not and I believe she’s telepathic as well, contacting me on occasion. I met her once, truly face to face at Brown University, but never got her number. She says she loves me, that she wants to be my wife, that we need each other, that I’m special to her, that she worships and adores me. She wants me to try to find a way to get in touch with her, but it seems impossible because I’ve never been able to give or receive information via this delusion or gift or what have you except through normal small talk, so she says that since I can’t believe this is real she’ll have to find me on her own. It isn’t auditory voices but impressions and images in my imagination and it happens very infrequently. For instance, exchanging three or four sentences/ideas/images within a day.

It’s really weird because I’ve never had someone accept me so much and I feel like I love her. I love a delusion! lol So pathetic. :frowning: The worst part is that I feel like I’ll be giving upon someone that truly cares for me deeply if I put this away.

i do not have any delusions , ( dark sith gets into his spaceship and flys off to the planet Beluma 12 to wage war ! )
see i told you NO delusions.
take care


hmm erotomania that’s called and can b quite common among schiz people. at least u know it’s a delusion though huh. that’s the good part. xxx

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I agree with the above comment that voices are convincing. With me I can often be MADE to believe something that ordinarily would not be believed…by the voice. It does have that power. So in essence I am forced to believe something.

that’s not surprising andy. if someone tells u something often enough ull begin to believe it, especially if there is no counter information. i’m a lot more adept at spotting it now though so provide my own counter arguements. roll on thursday huh. i hope the clozapine silences ur voice hunni. xxx


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erotomania

“Even though these advances are unexpected and often unwanted, any denial of affection by the object of this delusional love is dismissed by the patient as a ploy to conceal the forbidden love from the rest of the world.”

The diagnosis is referring to an unshakable belief that someone loves you. The difference I see is that if I ever did meet her and she said she didn’t love me I’d believe her. The belief that telepathy is real, whatever illness that is, would be more of what I suffered from. If I don’t suffer from hallucinations or hear voices, what would be the correct symptom for that type of belief?

the music is still talking to me…

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I keep getting delusions about the state of my condition or my brain chemistry. The voice will speak to me about my brain being so damaged that it cannot respond to any medication for getting rid of voices. I’ll believe it. Basically anything that COULD be true is often taken as TRUE and that screws with me.

it’s still erotomania, only difference is u can rationalise it whereas some people can’t. i think u suffer more from the thought broadcasting delusion as i have, in the past , it’s a bugger isn’t it. xxx

Yes, thought broadcasting and perception. Actually, it’s strange. I was at a performance with my brother recently. I was sitting next to him and looking at the show when I perceived the words “Thoughts dictate reality” from my brother’s mind. I immediately spoke it out loud, again without looking at him, and two seconds later he looked at me with a “Holy ■■■■” look on his face and then went back to watching the show. He then tried to do the same thing I did five seconds later but couldn’t. I say this because I know that even if the majority of this telepathic stuff is bologna, there is some method to the madness and it does work at least some of the time. It only works when someone else is thinking about you and focusing their attention on you as well. I just have to be careful and not allow myself to believe it happens all the time again.

That god doesn’t want me to take psyche meds. That he’s doing this to me for a reason and I need to just take it like a man. Maybe it isn’t delusion.


[enter link description here][1]
[1]: The universal truth

allthough is it a dellusion? or is it really the truth?

Its just someone try in to trip u out cuz u tripped him out or judged him

my last delusion that the government was after me, I wouldn’t go outside alone thinkn there were snipers on the roof waiting to shoot me down

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Hmmm my voices try and convince me that my downfall was caused by British intelligence but I’m not buying it at all. It was a rape that was covered up, pure and simple. There is no reason British intelligence would b interested in me. Not in this day and age anyway.

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