When you were delusional, did you realize you seemed insane to others?

I’ve believed many delusions, but even when they were at their strongest, I always realized that they seemed insane to other people and that I sounded like a nutcase by believing them. So, I’ve never even tried to convince people my delusions were reality rather than a manifestation of illness.

Did you always realize your delusions seemed insane to other people? Did you always have that level of insight?

I’m just wondering what’s typical.

Nope, I made other people believe my delusions.

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When I’m ill I make up all kinds of far out scenarios

When I’m no well… my insight is gone. I can’t understand why people don’t see the logic in what I’m telling them.

How can they not understand?

It’s when I’m calm and sort of back in my head that the insight starts to come back… then it’s time for apologies and amends.

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I’m the same way, J. To me all of the signs are there and I don’t understand why people are calling me delusional. Especially when they are delusions of reference. I believe there are messages all around me and I don’t understand how my mom can be watching the same TV program and not hear all of the messages. I get really mad when people tell me I’m psychotic, because in my brain these things are true. There are times when I haven’t slipped that far down the rabbit hole that I realize what I’m thinking is delusional. Delusions are defined as fixed false beliefs so for the most part people don’t know that they are delusional. :sun_with_face:


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I don’t know if this happens with you…

I do have one part of the sneaky brained thinking that puts a clang in my head… kidnappers.

There have been times where I am convinced… the proof is there… how can no one see it?

But as soon as I start talking about kidnappers… I realize… “Oh… I’m starting to get wobbly”

That one topic… that sort of slaps me in the face. But some of the other ones… it takes a while for me to come back to earth from.

It also makes me a bit upset when I’m feeling euphoric and connected with the entire universe spreading positive vibes and healing… and I’m told I’m getting manic.

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When I’m ill I lose my ability to lie and cover up my delusions. I’ll say just what comes to my mind, no lie.

it tended to depend on which delusion it was at the time. when i was on my space/time ship kick and when i was on my telepathy with everyone in the english speaking world, i was too out of it to even try and convince others of the reality of my beliefs so it didn’t really matter. other delusions have been so short lived that i didn’t really fall for them. i had the suspicion that they were not real at the time but still fell for the emotional side of things. ie: they affected me in a bad way but i saw through them pretty quickly. they (voices) still try and foist delusional thinking on me but i’m learning pretty quickly to separate fact from fiction. i think in the beginning it was difficult to separate fact from fiction because my sci-fi ordered views made the ideas (some of them) attractive. these days though i know voices are not to be trusted. they have never been on my side so it’s pretty easy to tell them to bog off with their ■■■■ as soon as it starts though that doesn’t stop the voices repeatedly trying to instill a ridiculous belief or ten. like the free energy conspiracy they keep referring to right now. i know it’s ■■■■. firstly the energy source is not free at all. secondly it’s battery powered or stored and so just off the national grid and i don’t think anyone (government or intelligence services) would be bothered if it was a mainstream energy source to be honest. we are in this day and age looking for alternative ways to produce electricity anyway so i hardly think that anyone would be worried if i did invent a way to supply off the grid energy. all a government would do is tax the batteries used to store said energy that it produced. it would end up being taxed the same as petrolium. so i defo won’t be falling for any free energy conspiracy theory for my ideas at all and basically that’s all they’ve got right now. the only other one is time travel and to be honest, so long as i didn’t make it public over the internet i wouldn’t come under their radar and so it wouldn’t be me they’d be looking for as i’m not using it. i may well be the creator of it but i’m not experimenting with it so no need to fear british or any other intelligence service anywhere in the world. if it had happened twenty years ago (the free energy one) yeah maybe i would’ve fallen for it, but with the advent of wind and solar power it’s blindingly obvious that no one in power gives a flying ■■■■ anyway as if they did these things would never have been invented. score 1 for the bealie and rationalising and thinking critically !! :slight_smile:

I knew my beliefs sounded crazy, which is why I was really careful who I shared them with. I still believed in my delusions deeply, I just knew it would be difficult for others not in my place to understand.

I think it’s another reason why I flew under the radar. If I would’ve gone around telling everyone what I thought I probably would have had a bunch of red flags stuck on me.

For the first years I was delusional I didnt know had had this disease, however I controlled myself mostly from doing crazy stuff. Later I became very delusional for about 6 months where I absolutely was out of touch with reality. I used to believe I coudl get drunk from tap water in my apartment, because the govt. put alcohol in it at christmas time. Needless to say I ended up in a hospital.

Some of my delusions, I tried to convince others, but some of them I kept to myself, because I thought, “They’ll just think I am crazy.” But it was not that I did not strongly believe them, it is just that I thought other people would not believe them.

In year 2005, the time I had relapse, I remember I told one of my best friend that ‘I am God’…??? He denied but did not perceive me as insane, because he also believed in paranormal.

No, I didn’t realise I seemed insane to others, because the delusions made sense to me.

I have a funny thought in my head, maybe its also a delusion, but what happens is I sometimes worry about putting my contact lenses in for fear that if I am kidnapped I would be stuck with them in and unable to take them out and cannot get my glasses. Weird, I know - so maybe some delusions I know sound insane! :smile:

That actually made me laughing… I’m sorry… it is possible but not reasonable…

There’s not one delusion I get stuck on, but my doctor has told me that when I start talking about seeing the demon then it’s time to get an ECT treatment. He is like a friend that is always with me. Although he is pretty evil to be a friend. But he’s a constant. :sun_with_face:

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Nope , and I was shocked that they weren’t agreeing with my “newfound secrets to life” lol . 0 insight.

I could never not tell people because I thought it was the best stuff to ever learn. Except when my voices told me to not tell anyone.

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Yes I knew my delusions were fringe beliefs. I would always preface them with I’m not sure but… Or this may sound crazy but… I’d only tell people I trusted about them. Insight has always been a strength of mine, I think being objective about yourself and others is huge plus in recovery. I’m trained as a scientist and in troubleshooting, so I used those skills on myself.

Thanks for the responses!