The rapists

The voices are pretending to be of importance. They are telling me they are in charge. They are rapists and tell me that I like these things. They keep showing me doing things to them. They are using me. They keep saying I’m a whore. I need to know the truth. How do I understand that they can’t do anything. How do I know they are not real.

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The first voice I ever heard was screamed to me "kill yourself you ■■■■■■■ whore! " it made no sense because I’d never used sex in that way. Don’t listen and get on meds. Even if you feel you’re targeted.

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I wonder that same question…sometimes I feel like I’m overlapping with dark dimensions.

My tactile “hallucinations,” they hurt…like pulling my hair for example and they do explicit sexual things to me, like they’re trying to harvest my “energy.” There’s complex things happening with the voices I hear, too.

I’m letting you know this because…you’re not alone and I promise, ISIC, it’s not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault cause pure, innocent kids gets schizophrenia, too. Where is the logic in that if you think God or something else is punishing us. You know yourself, if you know you didn’t do anything, then most likely it’s just delusions caused by genetics. Maybe these things are brought from how the DNA is mapped cause all schizophrenics are different with their symptoms. It’s like getting high, everyone reacts to it different, for example, instead of me getting calm like my bro, I get paranoid.

I have questions like you, like, why can’t I say “Jesus Christ” in my mind, but I can only say it out loud? The name is completely blocked out of my mind. So you’re not alone… Just take your meds and live life with peace in mind. I truly believe that God will all forgive us in the end, no matter what we did in this life…

If you ever wanna talk and share symptoms and talk about life, you can go ahead and PM me. I’m not sure if I’ll reply right away cause I really got no internet at home…but remember, this whole community is here with you and for you.


Quit paying attention to them and you’ll start to realize their irrelevance. Then it’ll just piss you off that they are there at all.

I thought this was going to be that SNL thing.

“The rapists = therapists”

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Thank you. They are so unkind with their words and say so many things to scare me. They definitely aren’t of God. I will keep in touch with you.

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I understand, you know what my voices do? I have one echoing everything I think and say in a demonic tone and then that same voice says something opposite of what I believe in and another voice comes out of nowhere and accuses me for being evil. They use mind tricks on me all the time and try to make me feel guilty about myself. You know what, I tell myself I know more about who I am than them. Do they know how I grew up? No…no mention of my childhood and teen years. Do they know about all those times I give money to the poor? No. If you’re a good hearted person ISIC, then you’re a good hearted person! And I believe that you are and believe you have a soft heart, but stay strong! If you’re spiritual, don’t you think God might reward us even more for having to live like this? And tell me this, who takes care of the blind and the deaf? I’m sure that in the future, we’ll get better medications, so stay positive and don’t worry about the voices, worry about you. What can the voices do when you’re strong, healthy, and intelligent? Inspire yourself and be even better than originally thought before sz. I fall for the mind tricks and get bothered by the tactile hs sometimes, but we’re only human… Hope you find a med that helps you out…I truly want you to be happy and that goes out for the rest of us, too.

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I understand completely. They tell me I am doing the things they did! They call me a sociopath, and tell me I’m in trouble for “what I did”. Then they turn around and touch me again! They are never the ones in trouble. They are huge liars.

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I had troubles like these when I was a young adult. My life is less painful now.


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Did you go into the hospital the last time you were thinkn about doing it.

I’m in a day program

The word ‘brainrape’ comes up sometimes. I would ignore that kind of talk. Keep asking why you are hearing the voices.

If you had an argument with someone just before start of symptoms, I would quit talking to anyone you met through those people immediately and just quit returning contact attempts without anything confrontational from you. Do not follow orders from voices or talk aloud to self, sometimes the symptoms get better. These situations usually involve stalking by the problem people, I could just ask once to be left alone and ignore the person for rest of the time they try stalking.

If you have this above situation, you may find a ton of PTSD in their if you lived alone for any period of time. I would avoid the person/group who is the topic of the lost memories as it is sign you met the wrong people. These memories could play back for 10 years even so don’t be surprised. Mental care is almost no help in this situation and almost damaging so you may need to journal it out for better results…Do not show any confrontational behavior toward the person/group who is topic of this amnesia content and quit talking to them and you may have less social problems eventually and maybe no paranoia problems with crazy strangers.

You could also attend NAMI or day program to see if anyone else in the group has similar complaint to check their back story & coping skills.

Some women get a relationship when this happens because worse men will try to pick you up after this kind of problem. Most shacked or married the good guy or whatever they already knew. In my city, a lot of the middle age men have snapped and will play almost anything if voices demand it. Marriages are broken up by this crap. The men will try to get you fired from your job to help them land you…If you run into anyone bragging about anything illegal, contradicts themselves telling you two versions of a story within minutes of each other or starts to talk about Jesus in off way, you met another problem so just excuse yourself immediately without a word.

You need to know a lot of people who are part-time psychotic will stalk a new schizo to verbally harass her about something private called thought broadcasting. Groups of kids do this threateningly in some places called gang stalking – this means they don’t like new psychotics to the neighborhood as they cause symptoms for others so you need to leave the area pretty quickly. Do not say anything aloud to gang stalkers and you will be okay. Mental care policy is to call this delusional and refuse to give coping information. You need to just know this happens and do not be afraid, what you are dealing with is bad enough already. Also know you can never be confrontational with mental care staff or you will be forcibly hospitalized at your own expenses for as long as the doctors can justify so just switch doctors if things are not to your satisfaction.

Some are told to go to church to have this end but you could be used bad and trapped there, or thrown out of the church if you are hearing this kind of stuff and stalked by even more people from the church for years, even leaving it hard to work. I would only check out churches if you know a few members pretty well…Some of these other churches are just people following orders from voices from the church’s dirty businessman who runs BIG churches telling people to do stuff that is very wrong, these are told something bad will happen to their family for leaving…You can find some cities with a lot of this stuff happening in churches and just know it is Anti-Christ area…This happens when an area has a lot of people who went psychotic and told to go to churches to deal with it. These church people usually stalk people on disability payments after mental care due to their own experience with the voices…But the voices never stop the same way for two people even so what fixed them will probably be different for you.

I’ve heard it for 12 years now following a story like I shared, a woman introducing around her sex abuser to find him new victims. Scared the women bad about him and let him have us. This is totally legal so cops here let this happen for 30 years running like a well-oiled scam, then governor covered it up. Meds never stopped the voices for me, I just ignore it. Others had nervous after this woman, especially women who lived alone as it was convenient situation to use that one & always developed PTSD. Others had insomnia bad after meeting this woman which is why I landed at the psychiatrist. I had little back history of voices either…The voices after meeting her are similar to what you described at least in the beginning. I hear different stuff now. Women may eventually start to talk and content is just your thoughts. You can also ask why you are hearing it several times but ignore anything you are told to do that is goofy, sometimes this works.

I’m surviving hearing it. I can work in life/death jobs, go to school, socialize and support myself okay still hearing the voices. But, there is problem with work in my city due to bad economy here that is making it too hard to find work to support myself, so I need to move. Plus just hate the place after all this…others victims left here recently screwed at multiple jobs and nothing to show for staying. But, some of these other cities, town even, are seeking women to ruin to give to drug dealers, sex abusers or make prostitutes so you REALLY need to know a local before you move or move with a roommate/relationship. Colorado is TERRIBLE sadly!

I would like to see you move away from where these symptoms started and live with someone else you already know for a while. Understand, when you move you will probably be shown everyone in town who hears the voices some of the time for at least first few months after a move. I think it better to NEVER answer these thought broadcasters. Eventually when the people know you, you will be told what you need to know about town people or work. Some walk outside and fire off a gun is just bad joke…Some may snoop your stuff because even the employees at small town hardware stores steal keys copied there any longer and landlord WILL give your keys away, this is just fact of life any longer. Keeping a lot of possessions will make you crazier. I suggest keeping no money in the house, keep RX glasses on you and own just basics. Any police contact could result in psych evaluation for you. Cops are trying to figure out who is on disability check and why so they can discriminate if you ever make a police report so you need to say you ‘work at Walmart’ or Dollar General so you won’t get labeled as discrimination worthy as the cops will ruin you. Warranties take care of busted belongings, insurance only covers stuff that is stolen. If the whole apartment is missing stuff, you need a police report but avoid any other police contact as they will label you and ruin you. I would NEVER go to mental care in smaller community or even give out my medication information if you use any doctor. Hour long drive to psych doctor keeps you normal in smaller town. You need to come up with another health issue to give as cause for disability payments…I would NEVER share any walls or rent apartments any longer as seems to be common scam for landlords to rent to younger males who will screw you out of there, scare you bad and harass you bad with blasting music. It’s a freak show in some small towns even, funny but city can be easier. Would seek to rent mobile home or detached house if you must…Renting next to older folks is better idea if you must share walls. They know what is crazy and is humiliating to these to act like that.

Hope this helps.