Voices obsessed with rape and torture?

A while back, my voices were obsessed with rape and torture. They’d talk in excruciating detail about all the ways I was going to be raped and tortured in the future, etc., and I was absolutely positively mortified. One time they said they were sending a message through the “Earth grapevine” for their thugs to immediately come to my house to rape and torture me, so I tried to commit suicide by asphyxiation quickly before they arrived. (Then they said nevermind so I stopped.)

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else here has had a similar experience with their voices.

I did not have voices obsessed with rape but had delusions obsessed with killing. In my delusions, my enemies sent me messages about killing my friends, killing my family members and killing me with bombs set in the plane I was going to take. It was supposed who ever kissed me would be persecuted to the state of disable. And who ever loved me would be persecuted to death.

My voices eventually told me that everything I had experienced had been a test, to determine my placement in the universe. Well I say ■■■■ THAT!! (But then sometimes I think, hmm, maybe they do know what they’re doing.)

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with the help of right medication, I am now symptom free, no voices, no delusions, no bad dreams. So I think you may need to adjust your meds.

no delusions of rape or torture, my voices are obsessed with telling me everything that is wrong with me and my life…offering no positive ideas on how to change what they don’t like about me, and are trying to get me to harm myself, but I can generally ignore them enough. While. my mood drops drastically I am in no real danger of doing anything they say to myself because I do not want to hurt myself, or others.

The voices can be as convincing as they need to be to drive us down a spiral. Not sure why it is this way, but they always seem to know how to trigger us the worst. Stay strong! Don’t let the voices get you down!

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I dunno, I tend to think my meds are fine. This stuff happened quite a while ago, and I feel pretty stable now.

My voices were usually dedicated to telling me over and over how worthless and stupid I am. I was never really worried bout ME being raped or tortured… as much as my youngest brother and kid sis would be taken by kidnappers and THEY would be raped and tortured.

My voices used to be either be triggered from a delusion or they would trigger a delusion… either way, I would always end up right back at kidnappers.


Ah yes, kidnappers – I was led to believe that my husband and I would be kidnapped and forced to watch each other being tortured horribly. Lovely, ay?

my voices threaten to rape me all the time. in the past it was always killing me many different ways. stroke, heart attack, stabbing me, strangulation, choking, breaking my neck, breaking my back. then it was the torture to come after i died. my ghost being burnt alive, being force fed rotten food, chopping my head off and leaving it in the woods still alive…and that was if i could get out of my body in the first place. then there was a period where they repeatedly asked me to commit suicide. luckily i didn’t do it. being buried alive, burned alive at cremation because i wouldn’t be able to get out of my body once it had died. you name it, they’ve threatened it, over and over again. the rape threats are both vaginal and anal, giving me strokes in the brocca’s and wernicke’s area so that i can’t talk. the list of threats is endless.

My voices wanted me to commit suicide and told me that they would drown me or “put me down” and “fix him”, terms I understood to be death wishes.

my delusions and imagined past were fraught with rape and torture…real terrifying stuff. Vivid memories of this stuff too.

When I attempted suicide the voices were trying to convince me that they were gonna turn me into a transexual. That they would rape me and suck my dick until it came off. Then were gonna stab in a pussy while I was still conscious. Then they were going to rape me for years until I lost all human values and I would become on of them. The mind went crazy but just that one time. I tried to slit my throat.

When I was trying to leave this life, it wasn’t due to my voices…

It was due to a deep feeling of uselessness and depression due to being empty and no longer able to feel. The rust brown of negative swing.

Did you happen to hear the voice named Norbert Cody? I was hospitalized a few times and the first voices I heard was one of my friends who spreads conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and free masons. Once he told me he was involved with it which he is not he just says that to cover the crimes he committed and commits he says he goes invisible and told me the government told him to rape me and does that to a lot of girls. after he told me that a few weeks later i heard my first ever voice and it was his voice exactly and I never had a fear of him until I heard his voice outside of my house saying he was tagging me and putting my p***y on the map so he always knew where i was at during that same occurrence he starting showing up the same places I was at the following days not much longer than 10-15 minutes after me which was rare because prior outside of hanging out at his house or seeing him outside of work I never once ran into him. He would always use his phone right after coming up to me and start laughing I never thought anything of it until at 3pm i was awaken by his voice for the first time with an “almanac way” poem terrorizing me to get married and change my last name or he would rape me because he is the almanac hoe. I messaged him on facebook asking what that was and he said “I Remember saying that just say a prayer at night and welcome my ghost” he claims he invented a military gps device that tracks anything that is tagged and made him a freemason…well thats ■■■■■■■■ just a conspiracy and he said when i first heard him he said i was tagged and i heard look at your phone i can see you and my phone was on dark screen save mode but was locked then i looked at my phone and the camera was on and my moms bf received a call and he was like uh oh we can see you it was very strange. His wife was my friend and before I heard anything or had schizophrenia or psychosis feelings or occurrences she kept asking me if i turned schizophrenic yet out of pure concern and kept advising me to go get checked out at the doctor and make sure everything was okay with me. i still sometimes hear we will rape you in your sleep and the almanac way poem voices which all sound like black men not to profile but they do and thugs. i was told to say a prayer before i go to bed after my what use to be a friend told me that. i only hear his voice or the almanac way voices and they claim to be isis. and say iswald bathesis. and that they rape people in there sleep. The other night i felt a prick in my leg and a few other times and the voices said they injected me with drugs i pulled down my pants to that spot and there was a blood mark like the exact one you get after a shot I had not itched or anything that has occurred a few times and every time it was the same mark fresh like i just got a shot then it would be hard for me to breathe and my body would tingle. I also woke up one night to the bed shaking and my boyfriend actually was sleeping with a boner which is never something that happens to him and the voices said we raped your bf in your sleep now its ur turn and something went up my vagina and was vibrating but i couldnt see anything. It was so weird bc then i got sticky down there and now i always hear “CODY STOP TERRORIZING HER LEAVE HER ALONE TURN IN YOUR GOVERNMENT TOOLS (STOLEN) AND TAKE HER HEADSET OFF.” Just strange bc he tried to convince me that the government would send him on “free mason missions” to deliver guns to people in the hood kill and rape people after I heard that I no longer associated myself with him and blocked him on facebook but would somehow always be friends with him the next days following and receive a message from him when i told him what was happening he asked me to go out with him and get drinks and talk about it. I heard a friend say the same exact thing about it and the same types of voices of his as well. I tried to file a police report for a order of protection from him just like his wife did because he apparently did similar bad things to her and when I went to email it to the chief of police everytime I tried it would say that there was an error so i sent another email to someone else and it was fine and tried restarting and switch emails and it went back to error. If i was to send that same email of the chief of police it wouldnt allow me to with the restraining order if i tried sending a message without the restraining order and not about this situation it would let me. I woke up to the voices saying lets gang stalk her tomorrow night and i looked it up and all the systems and words like “ghosting” were exactly what happened to me. There are people out there who have connections to things you wouldnt believe exist. If you hear certain voices about someone and it is repeat and something outside of schizophrenia or pyschosis…youll be able to tell. Report it to the police. I was told theyre trying to prove a case but no one will come forward about these situations cause theyre often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. out of safety i never filed a police report because he was too close in living area to do that and be safe during an investigation process. but if you hear any of these thugs names. Please report them to help the government find out the members of this corrupt terrorism. P.S. DONT USE THE WORD TERRORISM TO THE POLICE BY MOUTH THEY WILL ASK YOU TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND IF YOU SAY I FEEL LIKE IM BEING TERRORIZED TO THE HOSPITAL THEY WILL BUT YOU IN THE PSYCHWARD EVEN IF YOUR EVALUATION WAS NOT PSYCHOLOGICALLY ILL AT ALL. When I was at the hospital a news reporter came in and asked me to tell the story for her on record i refused because he said he would kill me if i did and she was so upset because i was her “proof”

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Yeah for a while I was constantly being told that when I died they would take me to hell and force me to become one of the devil’s whores. It was extremely distressing.

Ugh just realized this thread is 3 years old :roll_eyes: Whyyyy

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