@#$% the rain

This happened the last time. Hearing some creepy ■■■■. The rain drops have such a complicated but repetitive seeming sound. Hearing some creepy. No escape from it.

The sound of coffee brewing has also been known to trip me out.

Very seldom do things make me feel like I’m actually hearing something. Liquid water though. The drippyness of it.

It’s so loud to me.

Box fan + usual voices is better than this. Damn auditory processing center.

Looks like you’re anxious. Maybe try with some easy music.can you focus on something else?

Quote from a voice: I’m in heaven now but the fire is in my soul. Since then it’s just repeating they’re demons they’re demons.

Unusually loud tonight. I’ve been stressed and contemplating the nature of this ■■■■.

Woke everything up. I heard this sound constantly for two years.

I literally does sound like a voice from hell. Not a demon. But a soul.

Its late for music.

Got creeped out too. Anxious. Delusional. There is no escape. Two years in and I still have trouble accepting that this is my life now.

When you try to figure the voices out, when you entertain the mystery they just get louder.

Why did it take to this form?

I’ll never have the answer. So much in life is not worth thinking about. Humor looses its edge.

Having a healthy mind is such an active process for me.

Really. Peoples thoughts come in three forms memory, insight, future ideation. My past is schizo, my conclusions are delusional, I can’t imagine a future any different from this moment.

Sleep would be so excellent.

Typing is therapeutic. Shows me I’m still competent. Focuses my mind. I can hear the fan over the voices now.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m guessing it’s Sara D?

You are a very unique person regarding our community. Welcome aboard.

Wanna pm? :blush:

I used to travel a lot, and found that the very large, tall hotels had a sound in them, that made me think I was hearing angels singing in a choir, but it was a sad song.
They would be singing for those who died in the constuction when it was being built, and those who died in the rooms after being built.
Seems the souls were stuck there because their guide (to the other side) wasn’t aware they were away, so they kept missing the handshake.

One building had a man who jumped from the top right before it opened, and refused to believe he died. no one came to greet him, and he couldn’t get home. He drove me nuts with his crying.


So you believe you heard the lost souls? I would freak out man. My name is Sara,yeah.

Just how they sound. The constant anguish that is their existence. There is nothing comparable. It sounds like what happen in someone’s mind if they were drowning/burning.

Not pleasant at all.

Not lost so much as "delayed,
and nothing is worse that waiting, when your in need of help.

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Would be appreciated if you didn’t post explicit profanity in the message subject lines. I’ve had to edit a couple so far this morning and change ■■■■ to @#$%.


(Wearing moderator hat)

But we can write the F word in another language,right? :smile:


The rain has it’s own language, or rather, music. I have heard native drums in a steady beat before during a heavy rain. Nothing about rain creeps me except I don’t like getting wet in heavy rainfall.
Right now if i think of it the light rain sounds like someone rapidly running their fingers over my roof in weird patterns. .
Fans create songs. They have always been pretty cool songs, albeit repetitive at times.
I like music that utilizes a rain stick

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I am now 65 years old. I am no longer bothered by the type of stuff you describe herein.

I do agree with the poster who says this type of experience is less painful if one lessens the anxiety. Currently, I try to lessen my anxiety by interacting with pets and deep breathing. There’s tons of techniques to lessen anxiety.

When I was in my twenties, the noise in my head caused me much distress. One day, I thought it would be calming to walk down the mountain to the where the streams converge and sit by the brook. Except the messages I heard in the babbling brook were really, REALLY disturbing.


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i can hear the birds and the traffic from my window,

i hate the sound of a clock ticking :frowning: and static on tv,

the worst thing for me was when the radio was turned down really low and i didnt know and i thought it was all sorts of things, started a really bad bout of psychosis or it fueled it i cant remember

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That is strange. I have never heard a disturbing message from a brook, river, waterfall. Usually a gentle calming sound, or sometimes a sound of power

If you notice in the pic in upper center there is even what appears to be a music note, or the Hebrew letter Shin…probably just branches or something, but the river has notes…