The pressure to look happy

I mean I have such a pressure to look happy around folks. Its hard to express happiness. If I’m not happy I don’t get the response I like from others.


I don’t think I do a very good job of hiding my depression, or any extreme emotional state. I can’t stand when I get comments about looking depressed, it drives me nuts. I don’t like to show my craziness or my problems, but it shows.

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I don’t like it when people around me look worried when I’m depressed. It’s like my all subtle emotional changes are being monitored all the time. I hate it, so I tend to withdraw when I can’t be happy and calm around people.

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girl are cute when they’re like …are you ok. I blame it on the weed and everything is fine lol

i find masking tape in the corner of the mouth keeps the smile in place…lol
take care


It’s tiring sometimes. My face will stick into an odd looking mood sometimes, but I’m feeling Ok on the inside, it’s just somedays, my face has a mind of it’s own.

My family will gently tell me when I’m grimacing or looking irritated.

I know I look surprised, neutral, calm, but I don’t think I “look” happy.

If other people had to deal with schizophrenia, I don’t think they would look so happy either


My hubby asks me a lot of I’m ok because I look upset or he misreads my body language. He will ask me what I’m thinking about so seriously when I’m not thinking about anything in particular. Our facial expressions don’t always reflect what we are thinking or feeling.

I disagree with u barbie I think our facial expressions are a direct link with how we feel and others can notice them better than we can because their eyeballs are located outside of our face! while ours is embedded in our face we can’t tell what we look like so we go on feeling. Idk just a crazy thought

thats like when i passed my driving test my driving instructor expected me to jump up and down or something i just process things in my own time i was very happy earlier that evening.

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Whenever I am concentrating people always ask me if I am upset or angry.

the worst is when people ask me ‘how are you’ when I am feeling crap. I never know what to say, just lie and say ok, but then I don’t smile, so they probably get the message anyway!