Do i look tired? did you saw other schizophrenics tired on their faces like me?

this is me right now. everybody says to me that I look tired. probably my depression, I am not sure. but I look worse in the past, tourmented. ill fight that too, don’t worry. just tell me if you saw ‘‘tired’’ schizophrenics like me? yeah, iam still jealous of the inner life of my schizo friends yeah :confused:


I think you look fine. the pillows behind your head make you look tired, but not your face. your face is pretty.

pff thanks jukebox,i still have to work on myself. we can do it,yeap yeap :slight_smile:
too bad for my dream to be thin healty and beautifull… I told it to my friends on another forum…its the time to finally accept myself also :slight_smile: but I make it through some tears still, that’s the truth…

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I’m sorry you have been crying. I have been crying too, but I feel better today. I hope you feel better too.

What happened?

I’ve been crying at the drop of a hat lately. Not heavy crying, mainly face scrunching.

So sorry @metime I have been grieving my step father’s failing health and for my lost puppy. I am so tired of crying!

I’m really sorry that is going on.

With the puppy there is at least some chance that someone else is taking care of it. Even if they stole it at least there’s a chance he is safe. My dog Hotcha went missing for a week and I was worried sick.

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Last time I properly cried was when watching the last episode of series 1 of Derek. When he hugged his dad.

I always cry in movies when there is a father and son reuniting, or hugging…me and my father are distant.

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