Communicating with facial expression

Isn’t it difficult to approach people you don’t know with a smile and positive body language? So I became aware of the muscles in my face and imagine (without a mirror) what possible expression they are giving off to others. I can’t be bright and cheery all the time for some reason. I hate those people who stare at you for like a brief instant then look away. What are they hiding? The way other people react to me is determined by the muscles I flex in my face. Sounds whack but that is what it is. Notice your face muscles, crack a smile to someone. How giddy the both of you. My usual expression is tight lip smile, slight frown. Until I actually get to open up with somebody, the muscles in my face just become all loose and relaxed. But isn’t that the hard part? I want to know what other people think of me by the facial expression I make. There are so many shady folks, you could be right in their presence and they still will not look at you. Maybe its a feeling they are hiding and don’t want to give off. The whole subject is highly complex in practice. I feel as being SZ, I’m serious in my expression most of the time. When you look at another person you should be able to tell what they mean, their intention. I greeted some gentleman today and I focused my expression and all I got was a nod back without a smile, I’m like WHAT the hell is that suppose to mean. Jeez God made us some complicated creatures, or maybe its just my SZ…

Sorry I am one of those people who stares at you for one second and looks away. I wouldn’t want to walk by you without acknowledging you presence because I wouldn’t want to offend you so I look and smile then look away. Wouldn’t want to stare too long or you might think there was something wrong with you or that I was strange. Then I look down and walk away. I might have aspergers on top of my schizophrenia so I hope I am doing it right. Lol just trying to look normal.

I do the same thing. I can muster up a fake smile just for a second, then I have to look away and get the hell out of there. I have wondered about aspergers too.

One of my facial ticks will lift a bit of my mouth and stick it there for a while. It’s like a half smile. So people often think I’m friendly. Which is nice, but also scary. I don’t want people to think I’m mean, but I’m still trying to get better about small talk to strangers when I’m not in a manic swing.

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i am told i have no expression just blank, or i have this psychotic mean look , so basically very balanced !
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Facial expression are hard to interpret. My son can misread mine very easily. So can my husband for that matter. I will be doing nothing just randomly thinking and my husband will ask me what is wrong, am I ok, that I look so serious.

I too try to acknowledge other people and just smile at them for a second then look away. Try not read more into a smile then it just being a smile. When I feel good I want other’s to feel good too and a smile can go a long way in doing that.

i think the trouble with facial expressions is the fact that you need to be able to express yourself through emotions and feelings and a lot of people with sz have a thing called flat effect where their feelings and expressions are blunted, i had it before i changed med and i always had a blank face with a forced smile kinda thing, apparently it takes more energy frowning than it does smiling but idk if this is true.

I tend to need bigger gestures then facial expressions. If my kid sis puts her hands on her hips and tilts her head, and gives you a sweet little half smile… It’s time to run. When she was a little kid it was easy to tell when she was angry… she was a pincher.

My Dad talks with his hands all the time. The joke is, if you tie his hands together, he can’t talk anymore. He’s easy to read because he’s hands are always in motion.

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