My looks are depressed

i don’t look good. I look depressed etc. and no beauty. some people in my life put such a great huge score on looks I find it hurtful frankly.

I also love to look good, but at this time I just don’t.



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Men get depressed and ugly too!

Yes when I’m depressed I tend to neglect my appearance completely…I gain weight, don’t do my hair or makeup, wear baggy clothes because they’re comfortable and easy to just throw on…and it ends up making you feel worse because you look like crap but you just don’t have the energy to do anything about it…it’s really tough. Sorry you’re dealing with it.

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my skin coloring is on the depressed side if you know what I mean. not grey just you can tell I am very unhappy.

I just hate when I feel like looks is what should count most. you know what I mean?


Yes…I remember I used to be strongly pressured by those around me to maintain appearances…it really eats away at your self-esteem…I still get pestered by my mom when I go home but my friends are really chill and accepting, not like my old ones. So I guess try to avoid any negative influences that are going to really make you feel unhealthily focused on appearance.

Me too right now. Sun going down


I am ill since so long judy that ive suffered a lot from my ugliness. in my illness, I even dont have the taste, I dont know what is beautiful and what not. even my best friend told in my back that I am ugly and that’s why the men dont like me. nice hein?..
dont be hard on yourself, apparently we are lot like this.

I go through the exact same thing. I look depressed because I can’t use my face much even when I am in a good mood I just don’t know how to act happy or open up to others. My parents favored my brother for being the male of the family, and my sister for being the beauty, while I was the oldest and I got scorned a lot for not looking or behaving how they wanted me to. I think I have either mild autism or palsy to be honest because it is so hard to be outwardly expressive for me. It breaks my heart when people think I am just being rude or a brat because I’ve always wanted to be a “neurotypical”.