The police

It gets busy on my street when school let’s out…a state trooper has pulled 3 people over in front of my house…the first two times all I saw was lights from the windowed front door…I haven’t done anything wrong but crap I got nervous…he was staring back at me the last time I looked out the door…the local cops are cool…but our state troopers are dicks…that’s 3 tickets in 15 mins…

And I thought you meant the band. I’m listening to their radio station on pandora right now.

The police here are cool at the school. Nothing to worry bout with them and they’re friendly.

Yea you got hippie cops…lol we got you got a might purrty mouth boy cops…lol not really just the state troopers have a quota to fill unlike our local cops…so their a little on the serious side…


He’s pulled over 3 more people…in front of the house…I wish the state trooper knew he was freaking a sz out…


I just moved into an even higher crime neighborhood and the cops just like to sit and park at the end of the block. It makes me highly nervous. I don’t want any interaction, since there are so many things that could go wrong, so many possibilities for misunderstandings…and I’m “one of them” to the cops, one of those people living in a shady area, which makes me a possible suspect just based on my environment.

Their presence exacerbates my paranoia, my persecution delusions, my delusions that they’ll arrest me for a crime I didn’t commit. I’ve got massive cop phobia. My runs ins while psychotic and sane have not always followed proper police protocol, either, so I get super freaked out that anything could happen.

That being said, I hope you are not camped out by the front window, peering out through a crack in the blinds…because that’s what I would do hahahaha.

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I think I know how you feel. I live right next to a police station. The cops at the station have met with me, a few times; and even detained me, once. they’ve sent me to the asylum though, not jail yet…

Yup was peeking the whole time…lol

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Police here are ok. Apparently a lot of them are members of secret fraternities and such like. But they have helped me out a few times.

They cycle :biking_man: down my street in the summer and say hello :wave: it’s weird, but that’s da police :rotating_light: for you :wink:

My mate got caught picking magic mushrooms by the police once! But it is legal here if they are wild I think. They didn’t say anything but gave him a smirk and a knowing look.

I always get super nervous around Police. I think they might think I’m some suspect and shoot me with their gun(s).

Just one of my many fears I guess.