The point of taking antipsychotics is the reduce harm to others and yourself?

I asked the psychiatrists why we take antipsychotics and was told it was to reduce harm to yourself and the risk of harming others but what about the harm and death caused by antipsychotics? Aren’t antipsychotic causing more death and harm than a person having psychosis?

Is there any evidence or some kind of statistics that shows how much harm or even death to other persons while psychotic vs antipsychotics? I have a feeling that antipsychotics cause a lot more harm and death than any amount of schizophrenics ever did…

Traditional Consumption is a Terribly Vacant Disease of Filth And Horror.

It is a Major Problem.

Not Jus For SZ (OR) SZA.

But For Everyone on Thus Planet.

And We Can Blame Our Parents or Forefather’s.

Or Maybe Jus Each Other.

So I Dunno If Focus Should Be on Medications.

If you feel your meds are causing you significant harm you are not on the right meds. My meds have drastically improved my quality of life and give me no bad effects.

There are some APs that can have significant health effects such as weight gain that can lead to diabetes, motor disorders and very rare heart or brain issues. But the newer APs carry much less of these risks, if any.

All AP basically work the same… I know some might be better in some ways but still, what if some people don’t want to take them?

We are taking them based on reducing harm to ourselves and others but what about the harm they do to us? Do we not matter enough? If where taking them for these reasons?

It’s the lesser of two evils in my case.

From my psychosis history I just end up so out of my head psychotic that I usually would want to not exist

At least on aps I still want to exist

That’s why

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The thing is it’s not as straight forward as medicating everyone who is, some people would like not to be drugged up there entire life, kinda like abortion… there are different situations for everything… it’s not a yes or no for abortion it’s more like what you need to do that feels right to you and considering the situation of what happened…

I don’t know, I recently was hospitalized because the meds I was taking stopped working and than from there I started feeling alive again but of course that always ends up in hospitalization because you change, people around you that love you notice and think it’s the best for you to be medicated but they don’t realize that that love might actually be hurting you…

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Yea I miss that alive feeling

Thing is, apparently psychosis also gives brain damage so then meds help to reduce that.

But yea I miss the alive feeling, I describe it as my brain being able to breathe, feeling more awake.

Maybe those that love u are worried that u would get really ill n they want to prevent that. Unmedicated Psychosis usually ends badly if u give it time.

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