Call Me John Malkovich

This life is one big NEGA-TIVE SYMP-TOM.
“Antipsychotics” are a fate worse than death.
Giving up Truth & Light for the comforts of rinkydink sanity? That is INSANE.

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Antipsychotics are good. I have no side effects

i respect your belief
personally, anything is better than death
death is final


Set goals. That is the way to overcome negative symptoms. And AP’s are not worse than death. They are the road to health if you are severely MI. And death isn’t so bad if you know where you are going.

no no no
i think you misunderstood me
is better than death.
meaning, anything you do is better than dying because there’s no solution to death.
get me?

All forms of suffering are human hells. Your idea of suffering maybe another persons normal. Hopefully you can find purpose in your suffering and overcome what’s in your control.

The “truth and light” of what the voices tell a schizophrenic is consistently bullcrap, even if the person is religious.

Better for productivity to just block them out with good treatment.

Uhhhh for me my psychosis is a fate worse than death


I agree I don’t want to die death is final, even though we go through so much.

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didn’t say anything better than death is better.
h e l l n o
it’s simply better on the “better or worse” scale

With antipsychotics I have a chance to live. Without them I am i sure to ether lose my freedom or die. Regardless of side effects, I am grateful for the opportunities antipsychotics give me

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