Medications safety

Antipsychotics are in balance safe and well tolerated.

I think all of us have been afraid of them sometime in our life,

I guess when your old, it can be concerns too

its important to tell your doctor about side effects. Unfortunately they have them.

But in general i think we are safe!


At first I refused medication, kept stopping them and relapsing until I got suicidal then I learned to stay on meds. They’re not perfect, they do nothing to negative and cognitive symptoms even making them worse, but for me its better to be on them as I get worse without them. Imo positive symptoms that meds treat are generally worse than negative and cognitive symptoms.


I disagree, they aren’t safe if they “work” by causing dysfunction of the brain and body.

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What you mean by dysfunction?
Feel free to discuss

Yeah I have to respectfully disagree @Yellowdiamond
I don’t think that Antipsychotics are overall that safe for us but they become a necessity for us to function, so we remain on them regardless.


Ok, Why you think they arent ?

Antipsychotics cause a lot of weight gain and metabolic issues among other side effects.

Psych meds triggered type 2 diabetes for me.

They just aren’t the healthiest meds out there that’s all.

You should know this @Yellowdiamond

But even with all these issues with them, you should remain on your meds


The main cause for death of schizophrenics are suicide, excessive alcohol consumption, heavy smoking and drug abuse, unhealthy eating habits. The expected median lifespan for schizophrenic males is 59 and females 63 that means that I’ll be dead in 7 years.

Do you have any of those listed?
Who knows How long we live…