The past your past

i devalue my past too much, our past is there

Best to put the past behind u. Whenever I was in the psych ward I say hey at least when I get out I’m out and the pain of being in a locked unit will be over. No more dreading once the dread is over.

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“Common sense is more often common than sense.” – C. Wright Mills

I know this sounds like a sharp stick in the eye, and I don’t blame people for believing in what they’re conditioned, socialized, habituated and normalized to believe in the consensus trance (there’s a forum thread on that right now).

But is the there really such a thing as “putting the past behind you?” My experience says, “Sorry, but… no.” The past is there in the mind whether we like it or not. And the only way to deal with it effectively is something like this:

10 StEP –

Are you saying we all need therapy to deal with our past?

The past used to bother me a lot. It bothers me less now. I kind of feel disassociated from it.


You can never completely forget about it, it just shouldn’t be a constant companion. You have to work on forgiveness and putting it in proper perspective.

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Thinking about the past is remembering old wounds and re-healing them in a better light.


The past is the past but in my opinion good or bad there’s alot to be learned from it.

I think that for me shutting it out completely would do more harm than good,but each onto their own.


I’m the same way. I used to dwell on past mistakes and failures so much I’d be in a state of deep depression and anxiety for weeks. Now when I think of the past I just shrug and say, eh.

I think medication, therapy and simply growing up helped. I once thought I’d never get over some things, but I think growing up is what really helped me.

No one can give it a time frame. People grow up in their own time. Time heals. One day things of the past just seem to be not as important, but you are aware of the lesson.

Once you GET the lesson the things bothering you just seem like a blurred memory, but you’ll know what you learned.

That’s my experience, anyway.


I’m saying that I and millions of others have needed to find out what their pasts actually were to have any chance of dealing with them in an accurate and functional way.

(Well. How can one fix a problem one does not understand?)


Anti-Ps do exactly that when taken at high dose levels for a long time. After a while, the pt may be so dissociated from his memories that they cannot be recovered.

Score one more for Big Pharma. And none for the pts who don’t use the meds emotional stabilization the meds provide to do the necessary detective work and deprogramming required to kill the actual “infection”.

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That’s a FACT. 12 13 14 15

I was on 2 mg of Risperdal and 180 mg of Latuda. I think that’s a lot. I’m currently in the process of getting off Latuda. So I will just be on 2 mg of Risperdal soon.

Most of my memories are still pretty clear, but I don’t have to take the med load you have to take anymore. Some of those memories are blurred, of course. And those from before I had language (at about age three) are just fragmented visions and feelings… but they Make Sense to me now.

And the essential result of that is that I am not responsible for this disease (psychotic bipolar). I am responsible, however, to look up every single alley, every single book shelf, and every single therapy it takes to keep getting a little better and a little better.

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I mean blurred in a poetic sense. Like, you still remember clearly, but things are much clearer once you get the lesson, ya know?

I don’t need to ask the question, “Why is it that the black & white / all or nothing thinking psychotic mind swings from ‘more meds, more meds’ to '■■■■ these meds and the doc who gives them to me?” I don’t have to ask because I understand the thinking that made a total MESS of me from 1994 to 2003.

These meds serve a purpose. If we don’t take them we cannot get to where we need to get to do the therapy that takes away that… “stinking thinking.” But if we take too much… or we adulterate them with caffeine, alcohol, pain killers, sleeping pills, Mary or whatever… should we expect them to do the job for which they were intended? Or for us to be able to do any meaningful therapy?


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My doctor told me too…

Why am I tagged in this? My medication isn’t a bandaid.

I miss my past-good memories, friends that i made, better thoughts, traveling, like snapshots, at 21years of age thin, attractive, cheerful, well off

Did I (actually) suggest it was? Perhaps you should re-read my post to you above.