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I code things so the computer can’t control me: woke today when a good voice helped me up…I have good voices too!.. incredible!..sat in my despair and fought off sleep…then I came back… I’d been gone and insulted my mom again, still haven’t apologized…I was glad to be back… Miraculous!..hope once again… took shower, shaved, went to supermarket in the rain…came home and played guitar for the second time today…read a book of American Indian folklore…ate three meals today taking care of myself…the programmers of the simulation give me some good days when they aren’t cruel… hopefully that glitch I saw by the fountain was a delusion and we aren’t in a computer.


We aren’t in a computer and this is not a “simulation”. Although you will find many people on this forum who would disagree with me and agree with your sentiments.

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I Heard A Melody, ‘Thus Little Light Of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine’!, Let Your News Shine!. |+| :smiling_imp:

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Hold On, Let Us All Take A Moment And Give Thanx To @Bowens!. You’re Da Best!. |+| :smiling_imp:

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Lol. Ok, Thanks Sleystic! :crazy_face:

Let Your News Shine @Bowens!. |||+||| :smiling_imp:

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@Jinx!, Don’t Think I Forgot About You!. You Rock Mountains All Through The Days & Nights!. + :smiling_imp:

I have had delusions where I programmed the ‘matrix’ or simulation, escaped it (or let out of it), and think it’s some alien annunaki simulation…I don’t know. My memories are tragic since I forget stuff, mix stuff up, and get things wrong. I cannot remember things at all and I get them wrong or incorrect all the time.

I believe I am experiencing backwards time travel or causal looping or some crap to my younger years. Sometimes I go to different universes or experience a different past or history. I cannot explain it nor can I rule out cloning or some weird ass crap lol.

I found out I was in MK-Ultra in a past life, which unfortunately seems to be in every life and there really is no help, monetary compensation, or cure for schizophrenia as of yet. I’m hoping this equality and equity thing works which is a far cry from my supposed capitalist and republican and conservative beliefs. I’m not a Socialist per se but maybe we need some more compassion and help for the weak, disabled, and poor and stuff.

I don’t understand human consciousness or why the ‘clocks keep resetting back in time’. I guess I was in MK-Ultra Monarch but then my parent’s/family/friends seem to have no clue and are unaware of it and I’m largely ignored and a decent person.

It feels like aliens and my curse of having schizophrenia as well as experiencing time travel too much. I just want to be cured.

Part of my delusional system is I experienced time travel or time anomalies; maybe built a time machine; designed a space ship; and built and created and implemented Bitcoin. All in other lives or past lives in other realities as a clone or doppleganger. Can’t tell if it’s real or not.

It’s probably not real. It seems I’m following a script where I have low to normal intelligence and worked hard to get into college and stuff and dropped out due to schizophrenia but then there are these side time lines or worldlines or parallel universes I go to which I experimented some crap and trauma and maybe just came back to life a few billion times I see or guess.

I might just be a clone with my consciousness rebooting every time I reincarnate. Not sure how that is possible or practical as ‘cloning’ is expensive unless it’s AI (artifical intelligence) and consciousness transfer. I cannot rule out aliens.

I wasn’t schizophrenic or a ‘cripple’ before 2011ish around August is when I got the insight to drop out of college and try to return to my life and heal (never healed as of yet…). I don’t feel like this is base reality or my original life at all. Maybe aliens are interested in me or are protecting me. I guess there are good ones and bad ones just like good and bad people in life…

Thank you.

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