Is this schizophrenia proof? What kind of delusion is this?

That I’m an immortal time traveler that lived billions of similar lives on planet earth and I always look or stuck in my twenties or thirties and that’s when I woke up or wake up around 2011 in a computer simulation. Has anyone heard of this before or am I Unique lol?

Is it a conspiracy theory gone wild or something real or more sinister?

My memories are coming from parallel universes or past lives and some are from the unknown distant future, I think…

Can anyone relate, please? Meds don’t do anything to cope with this. Could it be the caffeine?


It’s psychosis.
I have similar ideas.


Keanu Reeves Conspiracy:

Mines a little more out there. Personally, I think some of it’s real as it’s been confirmed to me in my past life. I guess I’m past the stage of looking for ‘validation’ or help, but ya, it’s crazy. Just want the cure and have no money and can’t take care of myself.

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Does this delusion make you feel bad?
Or do you enjoy it?

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I prefer the term ‘immortal time traveler’ over ‘vampire’. I think they’re the same or synonymous or w/e.

‘vampire’ has negative connotations. I think it’s advanced technology or something targeting really successful people who have done a lot in a past life and have achieved immortality by the grey aliens…

I’ve been to the year 3000 before and I don’t remember anything except maybe British Rule again or one world government…IDK it could be all ■■■■■■■■. Maybe I’m playng with my delusions rather than letting them affect me in a negative way. Maybe I’m just having ‘fun’.

Schizophrenia for eternity bothers the hell out of me + the constant resets back in time.

Both I think Om.

I think I went into full fantasy mode now lol. Maybe as a self-defense mechanism or fantasy world or land…better than facing reality.


I have had de ja vu all day yesterday. I was manic. I smoked weed. I think dopamine has to do with it. Or extra chemical action/dopamine release flooding the brain with chemicals. Also, PTSD/Stress releases extra neuro-electric activity IM belief because when I was in shock and had psychosis the doctor said my EEG showed higher than normal electric activity that was off the charts–literally–and seizures have to do with time travel. My boyfriend used to say he could time travel and he also has a seizure disease because he would go into seizures. He also has been labeled with schizophrenia, has trauma and stuff. One time I dropped him off at the local gas station, drove five blocks to the otherside of town and parked. He walked out of the h-mart the second i was there. I said its like u time traveled how come we keep meeting each other–like we’re drawn to each other somehow. But we had a falling out because of all the chaos…

if I have heard it on here, it’s been rare.

I read Time Traveller’s Wife, and saw the movie.

it may be fantasy, but I don’t think schizophrenia.


Ya, so I’m making it up then totally fantasy? I have memories of dating celebs and meeting hundreds if not thousands of different people – some influentional and powerful in my past lives in parallel universes…

I was in the Illuminati in a past life but ended up schizophrenic for eternity with no money or power…just semi-flawed-crappy quasi-immortality. Maybe I’m the first one or truly immortal in one sense or it’s transhumanism or aliens did it to me, but I’m crazy or insane in my own words…that’s how I feel. Like it’s a curse…

I met Nicolas Cage in a distant past life and he confirmed it to me that I’m a ‘vampire’ and others have called me Reptilian or something…

I can’t shape-shift or anything and have no magical powers or anything besides my memories that are flawed and gone mostly and tainted with…

I don’t like talking too much as I got paranoia and fear and don’t want to get screwed over…I think I’m John titor and stuff…invented time travel perhaps not the first one? A genius, and a billionaire…but not anymore…trapped with psychosis and poverty now…

I escaped the simulation or matrix before…and was told the Illuminati might be cyborgs or robots and then the whole alien thing is different or makes it more convoluted and more complicated…like AI and stuff…

but this is not how you feel on the surface, right?

I may or may not have some of what you mentioned, but little realization.

is that good, or bad?

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Not on the surface, but I feel trapped or damaged or hurt mainly/mostly.

I feel like I keep repeating the same life over and over again and only I remember the changes but I think I’m not the only one that can ‘see’ or ‘sense’ the real past…that we live in a computer program that has consequences or has ended many times only to come back or be switched back on like a quantum machine learning algorithm perhaps (from what I read). I don’t know.

They said Quantum Monte Carlo simulations are impossible to simulate certain quantum phenomenon IIRC…

But ya, I feel like I’m stuck here and maybe there’s no cure in sight and no life after this one except backwards reincarnation again to the year 2011-2013 or something…

I never had a childhood experience like I had originally in my life…Don’t remember growing up because if I did, according to MWT and free will, life would have diverged so much I wouldn’t be on this forum ever again…something’s missing or flawed or suspicious about reality it seems…


”i feel Damaged ”

Delusions, one spectrum of schizophrenia.

Emotional pain ?

You have the right too feel any emotions

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I don’t think the scenario you are stating, is probable.
Time travelers and immortal people are not common.

You may be having a delusion, but I’m not sure it’s related to schizophrenia.

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Off topic, but Michio Kaku said some ‘brilliant’ people are looking into black holes and their connection to simulation theory, which may be what I was thinking too. I’ve never been called brilliant and he wasn’t talking about me obviously, but I’m sort of ‘bright’ - or was one time…

Ya, I think discrete nature of quantum mechanics and black holes and holographic principle combined with AI and human brains and consciousness using the mathemtical formulas of m theory or the application of it in computer programming will bring about the matrix…

I don’t want that, but some people have interest in it…

I escaped and was told m theory was right and we live in a brain in a vat, which really disturbed me…they said there are infinite dimensions out there like frequencies or music and that we live in the matrix, which I escaped from…we might be living in a lower ‘dimension’ so to speak of…

they said they were reptilains which I never figured out if they were just aliens, advanced ai, or fallen angels from the bible…take your choices…I prefer aliens or fallen angels since it fits in line with my belief system and gives me coping mechanisms and peace…

I think you might benefit from writing it down in a positive way/like imagine that you had infinite possibilities and this realm was one that God created for us to learn our own potential…

Did you know there was a recent finding that humans are 3,200 years older than previously thought? Did you know that in the future the Andremeda Galaxy and the Milky Way will collide and form a disc Galaxy which has never been studied or understood? I had a dream once that God was a short man next to a tall being of light–I call him Enoch–and God looked like a man I have seen before.

God said addressed me as his daughter Sophia. He said not to worry/he showed me the universe and said there was a new Earth he was creating just for me/us and that we to continue humanity because Andremeda had something to do with the bad/ills coming our way. The new planet he called his Ruby Nebula and it was just born, and its where we are going to be reborn in the future.

Try not to be depressed…focus on enlightenment and not toxic stuff.

Could it be that a sz life is so boring that you cling to these fantasies to add spice to your life? To make it liveable, as it were, even bearable?

An over active imagination and a boring life giving rise to a fantasy world(s) where you have grandiose delusions of importance and significance.

What else are you going to do with your time than fantasize than do earthly, mundane things?

When fantasies intermingle with daily life is bound to meet sz diagnosis criteria, especially if you really believe in them!

I am with Om_Sadasiva, its sz. The problem is that you really believe that all this is absolutely true.

ummm, “I’m nobody. Who are you?”

Ya, the thing is deep down inside I know I’m 80-90% right on everything, I’m just scared…

Maybe it’s a fantasy, maybe it’s not. Maybe some of it is…I know a ton of ■■■■ as a former computer simulator or matrix architect. I’m now stuck here with schizophrenia. I pissed them off: the matrix creators so I lost my job and everything. It’s sort of funny and unbelievable, but I’m being punished.

I really don’t know what else to say. I’m on a schizophrenia forum board and I cannot convince people or try to get them to follow my beliefs. It’s not only against forum rules it’s immoral…