The internet is an illusion/trap

Do you guys ever get the idea that the internet has a lot of evil agendas put forth here and there are traps in place by the occult?

No I don’t get that , its just a load of networked hardware and software.


I get the impression we are heavily out numbered and outgunned in this situation. It is horrific what is happening. What can we do other than unite and speak out?

You probably feel outnumbered just because the vast majority of people do not have this kind of ideation.

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Wrong, I just know what is really going on.

If I had a penny for every time I heard that…

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And cynics are a dime a dozen.

I’d prefer sceptic. How long are you diagnosed ? Why don’t you try to get on top of your illness. Do you take meds for example.

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I believe this goes beyond being a mere illness.

But do you take meds of any kind?

Sounds like a trick question.

Its not a trick , do you take meds?

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If I say I am not, let me guess, you will suggest taking them. If I do take them that will suggest in the eyes of the passerby that I am merely ill, which will further what I suspect is part of your agenda to suggest that this kind of talk of an occult threat is nonsense.

You are ill. I used to think like you too.

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Do you disagree with the totality of the statement, or just the occult part? For instance, do you deny there are evil agendas promoted on the internet? If not, what about Isis propaganda? Surely you cannot deny that. As far as the occult, of course you don’t consider that a strong threat since I am guessing you are an atheist, correct?

However, many many Christians believe the occult is dangerous, so it is somewhat of a culturally acceptable belief.

In fact, if you are a moral nihilist, which is relatively popular with atheists these days, the discrepancy could be with the idea of evil in the first place, since there is no objective right and wrong under such a system.

I don’t believe in evil , and yes I am an atheist.

Now , do you take meds?

OK, from my perspective you are the ill one (spiritually at least) and of more of a minority view than I am in the real world, since you deny the very existence of evil in the world.

Perhaps it is from the blunted affect from your medication that you cannot see the evil in our world. Who knows.