How come this site only selects atheists

as moderators? I am guessing the owner of this site is not a Christian, especially considering the things allowed on here (long drawn out discussions about how rape doesn’t exist) in relation to what is censored (metaphysical discussions).

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Occultism is not a religion…


By that are you saying this site is moderated by occultists or that the site owner is occult?

Or is this your personal confession of being an occultist? I would not be surprised by that in the least, especially with the Anonymous symbolism you’ve had on your avatars in the past.

No, I’m saying that you are forcing occultism and that is not a religion.

Basically, when it comes to religion, instead of discussing the pragmatic side of it, for instance, ethics and good examples, people get caught up with ‘mysterious’ things, those that we possibly won’t ever find the right meaning for ( in a sense of its context). E.g.your demon talks and all.

That’s what I meant.

Moderators are sleeping now anyway…so…enjoy your time :))

Demonic possession is not occult. It is mainstream Christianity. The pope himself has taken part in exorcisms, and me and yarnoldt14 we’re not forcing anyone to take part in it. You on the other hand want to force us not to.

religious stuff can be triggering for a lot of people


It was under unusual beliefs, so everyone was forewarned.

It is not the mainstream Christianity.
Mainstream Christianity is focusing on self improvement and well being as much as contributing to society… As Jesus did.

But you, you are catching up only those marginal, shady, doubtful parts of it because it serves your delusions.

I mean this with a good will daimon

We just gotta go elsewhere to have that disscusion. Sidenote. All branches of science started as the occult in the west.

You are neither an American citizen, nor are you Christian, so your opinion on what constitutes as mainstream Christianity in my country weighs very little.

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thanks for making my day :smiley:

And demonic possession isn’t doubtful lady when Jesus performed over twenty exorcisms. Get a grip on reality.

Ephesians 6:12New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) 12 For our[a]
struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the
rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this
present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly

The moderators have a whole variety of beliefs - but that has nothing to do with what we think is health-promoting in this environment of these forums. We just believe that religion is best left to other sites, because here we’re trying to get people to think in more healthy ways, and to get out of delusional thinking. And we want to be open to people of all, any, or no faiths - who have schizophrenia. That is best done if you don’t support any one dominant religion of this region of the world. (in our belief).

So your idea of being open to Christians is to not allow them to discuss spiritual warfare and the existence of evil spirits because you’ve deemed this part of Christian teaching to be delusional and unhealthy? That isn’t open at all from my standpoint.

We’re open to people of all religions, including christianity, we just don’t want people discussing their religions here. THis is a place to get support for issues related to psychosis - not a place to discuss (or expect support for “unusual beliefs” or “religious” issues.

You don’t want people to discuss their religions here because you find them delusional and unhealthy for schizophrenics?

And why do you have a section for unusual beliefs if you dont allow it to be discussed?

It also drives away people who may be of different faiths or belief systems. Unusual beliefs are fine to discuss if you’re interested in doing “reality testing” around them. If you’re just looking for affirmation around these delusional / unusual beliefs - then its probably not healthy.

Can I get a confirmation that you are saying you find religions to be delusional and/or unhealthy for schizophrenics, because it sounded like that is exactly what you just said.

I also notice you have no problem with people bashing the republican front runner Donald Trump. If I created a thread right now bashing Obama would you shut it down?