The guy from the band Boston, I believe the drummer

before he killed himself,
he wrote down or said,

I’m the loneliest man on earth.

hugs to anyone who feels that way today.


didn’t know that he had written something. depression is bad. i lose my rational mind if i get depressed.i become emotional. also grab to past events. horrible. doesnt happen for a good while now.

yes it is.
just goes to prove, even money and fame, make little difference sometimes.


what to ask you something,
do you think for people like us,

if there was incentive and opportunity
to improve our quality of life,
we could prevent suicide?


who knows how many, during Rona.

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depression leads to it. i for one wouldnt like to be famous at all. the way i see it the more eyes on you the more emprisioned you are.

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suicide is ok i guess. we all have to die sometime. i dont see death as a sad thing. it just is. but nevertheless depression is the cause. like i said: i lose my rational mind meaning i lose myself. i havent being there for a good while now. that is what i dont like in sz, these falls.

I knew of a guy in town who got cancer,
and didn’t want to go thru it. killed himself.

Phil’s old mother once said to him, Well, you’re a good lookin’ girl.

Phil told his sons, if I ever get like that, take me out to the backyard
and shoot me.

but assuming we live, and assuming he does, I’ll take care of him. If I can.


the band boston is great.

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i would give a calm death to someone about to face suffering just to stay alive. my grandmother had one leg amputated. in sweden they accept one’s decision to no longer live and provide assisted suicide. interesting. anyways, doctors dont know about this. it involves god. they swear to preserve life no matter what until your brain dies.

yeah. I still like the recovery stories though.
it helps keep doctors from suicide too.

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go figure. doctors take off parts of you and all kinds of procedures to preserve life no matter what. i’d rather have more of a non suffering approach and just let the person go. but as i say this i dont know if that is my call if you believe in god. it is a complicated matter. i guess i’d prefer to give a peaceful death. let god judge or whatever. i think fuc. suffering.if you better off dead then let it be. not so much a life defender when suffering is involved.

I don’t ever want Anything taken from my body, and I never have so far.

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me neither. hope to never get into that game.

knew a story of guy local who went to Vegas, don’t know how this occurred but he woke up in a bathtub of ice with a kidney gone!
interesting they put up a new kidney clinic
shortly after that.

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Yes, there is that. organ traffic. guns & roses: human grocery store is somewhere in a song.

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