I almost commited suicide last night but decided not to because the next life might be in worse shape than the one im in

givin todays worlds problems and how parents raise there kids and the number of families that have money to raise kids frightens the idea right out of me… should the world ever change to were there is no hunger housing shortages drug abuse or alcoholism to keep me from a perfect child hood ill become an old S.O.B.

Glad your still here zen. I enjoy your art


I’m happy you didn’t choose that path. Stuff sucks sometimes, but we’re always here to help talk you through those sucky times.


Gee, Zen! Don’t do that!



I am saddened you thought of ending your life. i hope you get to where you can cope with life. I love you.

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I look for reasons to live this life… I’m sorry you’re hurting in such a way… but I’ve also recently thought the same thing about suicide… so much that I googled "suicide and reincarnation "
You’re not alone! Ty for your honesty.
Please be safe

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You are very much liked by many on this forum. And I’m sure very much loved by many of your family members and close friends.

Hope things get better for you. Take care.


Yes - we could never do without your wry commentary and images.

Hope you are doing better. Let us know what’s bothering you. And talk with the doctor or therapist about getting help too.


I sometimes think about that. I wonder if I could get a chance to live my life again and do some things differently. I doubt if it works that way. I’d probably make the same mistakes.

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i hear ya. the research i did found a reincarnated boy with suicidal notions. of course who knows tho

I attempted suicide and took an overdose of aspirin. I just lay there in bed waiting to die and could not go through with it. I called 911 and had my stomach pumped. Suicide is not the way to go as it is final and you would not get to enjoy any more music, you could not be with your family or be on the computer. Just sitting there watching TV is life. Now I want to live to be a 100 so I can do my hobby. There is a saying I go by from an old football coach as it goes: “Winners never quit, loser always quit!”


So glad you didn’t do it DrZen, now you have to talk to your medical team and let them know. Please.

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I had a dear friend in my early twenties and we called each other when we were thinking of suicide. I’m glad you’re talking about it. It may not always look like it but there are good reasons to keep trying in this life. And I feel that as sz I try to rewire my brain by reflecting on the good consistently.

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I’m glad you’re still here :blush:

I think that’s something that if not all of us, most of us have struggled with from time to time.

My aunt always tells me I can’t do it because it would just kill my Grandmother. C said something that no one else had ever said to me before when I talked to him about it. He said ‘you can’t do that to you’ or something like that. As in you owe it to yourself to treat yourself better than that.


Your lucky , there is no next life.

Make the best of this one.

Thinking of you zen.

I sometimes think if I commit suicide I’ll end up in a more favorable life like one where I suffer less or where I’m a physicist or mathematician. I think it works both ways though where you could end up with more suffering and torture, where the urge for suicide is even greater. So it’s best not to commit suicide and just wait your turn for the next life. I wonder how karma works when one commits suicide. I imagine it’s negative because you don’t live the life your meant to live and your family will suffer and you’ll end up experiencing their suffering.

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In My Opinion Karma Isn’t An Actuality Of Realistic Reality … , Karma Isn’t Real and Doesn’t Exist … ,

It’s Kinda Lyke How I Feel About Athiests , They , Them , Whoever , It’s Naught That They Don’t Believe In Our Creator Of Thine Own Expanding Universe , it’s Jus That They Don’t Fully Agree With The Way Our Current Existence Sits … , So It’s an Ongoing Conversationlist Argument That Feels and Looks Never-ending … ,

e(Y)e Was Agnostic For A Lil While At Some Point , and As I Looked Around Politely At Tha State Of Our Civilization and Universe , Nature and Such , e(Y)e Had a Deep Misunderstanding Of Free Wil … ,

e(Y)e Didn’t Understand (and still don’t) Tha Fact That We Aren’t Already In Paradise … , That Should Be and Should Have Been The Start and Thee End … , Jus Already There … ,

Back On tha Subject Of Karma Tho , It isn’t Real … , If You kick Your Pup … , Nature In an Of Itself Doesn’t Throw a Breeze Of Blood In Your Direction … , Tha Whole Payback Thing is a Complete LIE … ,

" I’d love to live this LIE " - Marilyn Manson … ,

One Who Would Fynde It A-OK To Kick an Innocent Creature Will One Day Kick Something Else and During Thaz Judgement , a Bigger Fish Will Kick Back … , but That isn’t KARMA , It’s More So Lyke ,


Which One Could Witness Such Occuring and Think Forever (by) Saying That .
THAT . , Is KARMA (!!!) ,

Utter Truth Of Tha Matter Is Thus ,

Karma Is a LIE ,
Reincarnation is a LIE ,
Evolution is a LIE ,

and As You Will Notice One Could Live a Very Fruitful Fun Loving Lyfe With Those Beliefs … , Thinking That Jumping Throo a Million Hoops Will Keep Them With an Awesome Score Card … , That They Can Do Whatever it Is They Please … , and They Can … , but it Isn’t Karma OR Evolution Keeping Them Safe … ,

" I slip away on a little white lie " Theres Humor In that e(Y)e Would Say … ,

but It Won’t Go Along Without Being Punished … , Which is Where e(Y)e Fynde Tha Humor … ,

Tha Sayme Individuals Who Came Up With Evolution Are Tha Sayme Individuals That Would love To Control Your Thots Forever … , With Meds / Threats / and Such n Such … ,


and That isn’t Evolution , Karma , OR , Reincarnation , Or Any other Boring Scientific Explanation … ,

It’s a Food Pyramid of Sorts , and Blood , Bones , and Justice … , and e(Y)e Hate To Say It ,

but our Creator , Tha One Who Created Thine Expanding Universe , Is Fire … , a Flame That Will Always Dangle Fruits Over Your Weary Skull , He/She Doesn’t Need Rest … , and It Onli Gets More Entertaining Tha Older We Become …,

Perhaps It Is All a Weary Unusual Dream … , tha Physicality Of Consciousness , and Our Dreams Are Jus Tha Physical Subsciousness Revealing That There is Beyond and a Reality Of What We Can’t Witness With our Naked Eyes … ,

Perhaps Tha Garden of Eden Was a Story To Show That a Mistake In Paradise can Cause a Domino Affect Of Misery , Suffering & Greed … , As We Step and Hop Forward , Blind Without a Hand … ,

and That Blindness is Nothing but a Silly Riddle / Joke , For Those Beyond Tha Blue , 24/7 … ,

a Way To Jot Some Thots Down and Tell Some Jokes To a Crowd Of Weary Spectator Zombie / Ghosts and Such … ,

But Helliviknow ,

e(Y)e’m Schizophrenic …

The next life entails a more protected form of consciousness & better physics. I don’t at all worry about the afterlife.

It couldn’t be worse than this world, where my eye-sight is 40/200 + amblyopia + astigmatism, too many scars, torn left pectoralis minor, and a damaged brain. Take away all my defects and I could actually do things again for a change, which is helping those who have suffered most in life.

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Suicide is not the answer as it is final. Your being as you know it will cease to exist. I am glad that posters here are able to get online and tell when they want to quit. My Mom once said to me: “Just go on”