Who's committing suicide:

the mentally ill
those kids bullied
those diagnosed with cancer
men out of work
lonely men
men losing contact with their children
rock stars
how many more?

They say dentists do it a lot. Just found out an old friend from school did she seemed to have the perfect life, it was a shock.

what would you consider them, untreated when in distress?

I mean it’s more common with mental problems, first question they ask you

are you thinking about harming yourself or others?

f-uck it all to who I offended, my post removed by flag throwers.

can we talk about anything?


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It is a pandemic in the military community. 20 veterans a day, take their own lives. :us::us::us:


:frowning: So sad to hear.

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I feel for the bullied kids and it seems many drug users do it as well. I have a friend from high school who was so high one night he picked up a gun and fired under his chin. Luckily he was too toked so he missed.

People only commit suicide when they believe they are completely trapped.


thanks for these replies

I forgot another one on the list

police officers.

People facing long prison sentences hang themselves in their cell sometimes

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I tried to kill mesef in a psychotic mind frame

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thank God you’re still with us, Pedro.


I was saved I feel special

I think my mom killed herself because she thought she was facing homelessness.

I would have paid for her to get a place, even separate from me though I would have preferred to get a 2 bedroom with her. Had the money at the time. Now money is worthless to me.

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