The funniest thing that ever hapeened to me

I was playing catcher in a soft ball game, in a squat and the pitch landed in my crotch. It stayed there for a few seconds and feel to the ground. The whole outfield broke up laughing. The umpire said, “That’s alright, I understand.”

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I was playing football and normally I played as a wide receiver. Well the coach put me in to play defence and I caught the ball and ran the wrong way. Nobody stopped me. Coach was mad and everybody was laughing at me. I stopped playing football and never played again.

That happened to me playing baseball when I was just a beginner. A kid was standing on the sidelines and I thought he was the first baseman and I threw the ball to him. I was more than a little embarrassed.
I know it’s humiliating to fail, jmgoff, You have a choice of getting back in the game or devoting your energy to something else, whichever is more your desire.

I don’t have any sport stories, not much happens in swimming. I do get a chuckle out of a lot of the odd situations and over reactions to things that happened in my life…

I always smile when I recall getting in to a fight with a banana mascot and loosing, and the time I was trying to sneak my youngest brother out of a club that my other brother snuck him into.

But the one I was smiling about today, happened last year when I left a family gathering early.

I couldn’t find my car, but my sisters car was parked close to the reception hall. So I climbed in to my sisters car and covered up in the blanket she had back there and went to sleep. She was very worried that she found my car, but not me and drove all over looking for me, not realizing I was in the back of her car happily asleep.

When I woke up and tapped her on the shoulder, she let out such a scream, which made me scream, which made her scream again. She almost crashed the car, and I almost peed myself.

She was so mad at me and so happy to see me at the same time, looking back… I still think it’s funny. She doesn’t see the humor in it yet.


For a log time, I drove around with a bra in the back seat of my car. It had fallen out of my laundry unnoticed.


My undoing was a pair of lacy undies that fell out of my sisters laundry basket when she borrowed my car. A few months later I was trying to be smooth with a date and the date found the undies called me a tomcat and took the bus home.

Now when my sis has to borrow my car, I check for stuff like this. :blush:

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ok drunk wake up at a party new years eve decide to slowly creep out the sliding door there follows a lot of wodden steps down to my escape open the door go out 1 step fine 2 step fine 3rd step i fall THROUGH the step to the brambles below which shreds one trosuers leg up to the knee. i stumble home in a daze i tell my sister what has happened and she points out to me that the people there will know what happened to me LOL

What made the step collapse? It seems like it had nothing to do with your drunkenness.

no the step had just wrotted through i think i didnt really inspect it tho of course LOL

I was supposed to recite a poem. The day came. I had my poem picked out + memorized - my turn came in front of the class -

“In the family wishing well, Willie pushed our sister Nell. She’s there still because it kilter. Now we have to buy a filter.”

Going back yo my seat - Why were they laughing…at what I realized was a joke poem?

Playing ping-pong on acid. For some reason it was hilarious.

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