The feeling of no consequences that comes with psychosis

That’s what really scares me.

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what do ya mean?

Do you understand the free feeling you got when you were psychotic? No heavy conscience. No laws and demands. Just freedom.

oh right i understand what you are saying now

what scares me is hair loss and unknown specifics of these pills

as well as tardive dyskinesia

You might experience a euphoric memory of it, but my psychosis cost me my friends.

It has caused much damage to my life, and I do not really think being on these medications is at all healthy.

There is no freedom. You get locked up in a hospital

I had the feeling it was time out of time
It felt like I could not age

I had no friends then. That was part of the psychosis. Dementia that couldn’t be appropriate socially.

I was always aware of consequences and have suffered through. I just couldnt seem to change anything and blamed myself for action or inaction.