The did you know thread

Did you know that if every person held hands around the equator most of them would drown?

Did you know that there is no man in the moon?

Did you know that scientist’s degrees don’t have the word science in them (besides political scientists)?

Did you know that grass tastes bad?


Did you know that bananas give off a gas hormone that ripens itself and other fruits. :banana: Not so innocent is it :wink:

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Wait, I never thought they were innocent :confused: …in the first place.

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They are rather phallic…

:hushed: :tired_face: :dizzy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
:banana: = evil. XD Jk, I like em.

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I learned this today and i dont get how this evolutionary trait happend. Warning may be disturbing.

Did you know hyenas have a female leader. The females have a mock ■■■■■ they use to exercise their dominance…on both males and females…wtf evolution how did that ■■■■ happen l was at a loss of words on this one…


Did you know that the dark spots on the moon used to be lava fields. Imagine looking up and seeing molten lava fields on the moon.

Did you know jesus was actualy a bad carpenter?

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Did you know that most people in public…aren’t?
Did you know that if you completely skin a bear, the hairless body looks just like a humans?
And this is the truth, it’s part of the reason that so many Native American tribes worship bears.
Did you know that Jacque Coustouea’s real name is Arnold Hinkenmeier III?
Did you know if you stripped every member of the U.S. congress and laid them end to end around the equater the result would be the thinnest line of bulls^tters in the history of the world?


Did you know women make better snipers in general?

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was actualy a watermelon named Walter Mellon and if you called him walter he would say “thats mr.mellon to you!”.


Grant liked Cantaloupes.

Did you know the word gullible isn’t in the doctionary?

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Well, saving the entire world gets tiring. I don’t blame him if in his day job as a carpenter his work came came out a little shoddy sometimes.

I believe you but I’m going to look it up in the dictionary first just in case.

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I couldn’t resist…perhaps that is why they are laughing all the time??? Unless your a human in Thailand of course…chicks with dicks are very popular!! Bwahhahah


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the word ninja is not in the dictionary

man they are good!!! :japanese_castle:

No ■■■■ i watched a news report talking about the annual ninja run in some town in cali the news cast ended with once again no ninjas were seen during the run due to the high degree of skill and speed they have…and there was actualy people lined up to catch a glimpse of them.

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Did you know that in the olden, Middle Ages women would bathe once a month and men once a year.
It is said that most men bathed in May so they would be good to go for their June wedding :grin:

Also, my friend had a book written and translated from the 1600s on how to make men get a “date.” The most stressed issue was “take a bath,” because it may be effective in getting the ladies. Heheeeaaaaha


there is a new show called ninja warrior and it is an assault course and it looks pretty dangerous, the Chinese/Japanese one i mean, the British one is pretty basic

Did you know you can actually burn calories and lose weight by farting. It would take a lot of farts and no one would want to be around you, but you could do it.