The truth about the dinosaurs

You know, they don’t tell people this very often but the dinosaurs were geniuses.

They all had an average iq of 2000.

They just didn’t have hands or anything like that so it was useless.

The whole thing was just horrible really. All of that intelligence and they could do nothing about it. They didn’t even have the means to speak even though they could have concocted the most wonderful, poetic, and useful languages ever devised by the beings of earth.

Dinosaurs were the most intelligent beings to ever walk the earth.


The extremely large ones even had two brains. Mind you imagine having SZ or SZA with not one but two brains.

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Yeah i read about that, really amazing stuff right there.

Really amazing facts.

Really interesting post this is. I’ve never heard of the intelligence of dinosaurs. You could imagine if the dinosaurs can speak or have hands.

There is a fine line between making a joke and trolling.

You wish i were a troll.

When you asked if i was clueless or a troll i told you which it was.

You said “i can’t tell if you are a troll or just clueless.” I told you which one it was.

Im not a troll. It’s just a joke.

I know it’s joke. I think you’re a funny guy and enjoy reading your jokes. I just brought that up because when people start believing the joke it can develop into a problem.

Now I know that’s not your fault, you can’t control how people react. Still, remember that some might not be as good at detecting a joke or sarcasm.

I don’t think you’re a troll.

Sometimes I can be a real jerk. I am sorry for writing that. You’ve been a good forum member.

I was just booted for a month though.

I can’t be that great of a member.

Didn’t you ask to be suspended?

Not exactly.

I was proposed with no negativity or not being a member.

Not really my choice.

Well, I know you’ve got your issues, we all do that’s why we’re here. I can’t fault you for being negative, it’s so easy to become negative when suffering this illness.

It was hard for me to tell , especially as it was in the unusual beliefs section. I thought pansdisease really believed what they were saying .


Didn’t suspect that to happen.

Pan puts everything in the unusual beliefs section cause I’ve been very aggressive about putting things in this section. I think he’s done it to avoid the hassle of me making a fuss.

Actually Raptors were very intelligent, but no where near 2000 IQ LOL…
They did have brains comparable to dogs though and used a lot of their brains.
Compared to other dinosaurs their brain to body size was 7 to 50 times that of the others, depending on what dinosaur you compare them to.
Also interesting is they just appear in the fossil record without any links to other animals as far as the extremely large brain. Therefore they were either an alien species left here by the Anunnaki, or suddenly created by God. My personal theory is that the Anunnaki had them domesticated and rode them, and that’s where we get the legends about dragon riders…The Anunnaki may have genetically altered something already here, or brought them with them, I don’t know…when the Anunnaki left the raptors went feral just like cats, dogs, or wild pigs do

No, it’s true, really it is, i read it, scientific fact.

2000 iq’s. Smarter than any man has ever been.

But it only drove them mad because they couldn’t do anything without hands and vocal chords.

While I can’t account for all dinosaurs, I know for fact that what drove the Tyrannosaurus Rex insane was his inability to do pushups.

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Yes, true, but with those legs…


Did you know that the Neanderthals used a primitive saddle made from reeds, bark and twine to ride the smaller, more docile dinosaurs? I saw it in a cave painting.

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