Tell me your largest weight gain and loss

From taking the medicine and healthy lifestyle


32 kilos weight gain from zyprexa. I am still on it. But i’ve managed to lose some 12 kilos half an year ago by just eating less food… I do all kind of food, i am just eating less quantity, thats all :slight_smile:
For the rest, i am quite loose still from the sedentary, its unhealthy :confused:


93 to 83 now lost 10kg in 6 years or so,

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Largest weight loss is 1.8kg (4lbs) of water, sweat and perspiration in one running session. Largest weight gain is 1.2kg (2.6lbs) of food & water in one day.


When I was about thirty I had to be hospitalized and put on Seroquel.

I gained eighty pounds that year.

I switched medications and lost all but about ten pounds of it that following year.

That’s my biggest weight gain and loss.

And I’ve had a baby.


Wow which medicine did you switch to



I gained 90 pounds in one year on meds. I lost 100 pounds in one year while eating 1200 calories and exercising

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I lost 40kgs years ago, before sz and meds.
Now I’m the fattest I’ve ever been, 121kgs

I gained 175lb since being on meds.

If you don’t mind me asking @ZmaGal, did you stay on the same meds that caused you to gain 90 lbs while losing 100 lbs, or did you make a switch to something better?

Haven’t really gained on meds; just a bad metabolism I guess and lack of exercise

When I was 17-18 I went from 76kg to 66kg in 6-9 months

Since 2017 I have been 100kg plus

I’m 112kg atm

I switched to Haldol. I still could have lost weight on another med, but it would have taken longer because those meds slow down your metabolism

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Mine is from 2012 I was 35kg from anorexia.

And then 2017 I was 96kg from medication and post psychotic depression.

So that is a difference of 61kg.

I’m 166cm tall.

Went from 101 to 86 kg. I was eating pizzas and burgers everyday

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I do not recommend this weight of BMI about 13 to anyone because my immune system was dangerously unhealthy. I was lucky that I didn’t die from a small infection like in HIV. My heart could have stopped working too as it was weak.

Highest 120kg, lowest 83kg! now at 84kg!


Congratulations @seanieireland, very good

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Ah thanks, clozaril is crazy for weight gain!

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Ah I see. Well either way, what you’ve achieved is a great accomplishment, and hopefully the haldol is working better than your previous med as well :+1:.

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