How much weight did you gain on your med(s)

i gained 30lb. Latter i lost 20lb i gained 3 more pounds and i am at my optimum waight… Before med i was under weight.

I gained 30 lbs. I’m currently in the process of losing it and then some, I’m down 18 lbs so far, but my goal is to lose a total of 80 lbs from my starting weight.

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At one time after a delusional frenzy of money and food and booze I was at about 325. I now weigh 245. I lose about ten pounds every three months. I eat small portion frozen dinners most of the time.

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When they first put me on Haldol decoate I went from my optimum weight at 175 lbs. to 195 lbs. - about twenty pounds over weight. When they put me on Geodon I went up to about 200 lbs. Then, they put me on this blood pressure medicine, and my weight ballooned up to about 245 lbs. Now, my weight fluctuates between 220 lbs. and 245 lbs. I’m about seventy pounds overweight. I carry most of it right around my belly. I have back problems because of it.

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I used to be 175 and I gained over 100 lbs I’m at 276 now. I was on haldol lamictal and for the past 2 years saphris.

I gained 30 lbs. Was 125lbs. several years ago. Back then ate very little, didn’t have much of an appetite. Now am 147lbs.

On geodon I lost weight.

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I gained about 70 lbs in 3 months when on seriquil and risperidal. I dropped most of it when they took me off it.

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I gained about 50 pounds when I finally became med compliant and stopped the drugs and alcohol. I was underweight for a while due to the illegal drugs.

Then I got the switch to Latuda and got up and moving again… I lost 30. I’m trying of healthy weight… not chicken arms underweight like I used to be.

I’ve gained a few pound. I’m slim and you woudnt think I’ve gained it if you seen me but I can feel it. I’ve just ate a whole cake for 4 people to.

When I was on Abilify, I was able to lose a lot of weight - I am now on Risperdal, and its a big weight gaining med for me.
I have managed to lose some weight on it though.
I currently am not feeling well/stomach issues so my appetite has decreased a bit, so I may have lost some more weight, but I am far from having an ideal weight

Well, I gained 20 with Risperdal, then 50 with Clozapine. I’ve lost 45lbs. Been maintaining my weight while taking Saphris. Just started exercising daily, so hopefully I’ll lose some more and get back down to my weight before this all started. Signed up for the 5K turkey trot next week and then a Last Run 5K in Dec. to get me motivated to get moving. I have a ski pass to the local mtn and a gym membership to go swimming too. I smacked my eye, so once that heals I can get back in the water.

when unwell i tend to stop eating almost entirely, so with medication i am a more “normal” weight. i haven’t gained to being overweight, but i don’t really know why that is. other than i am just a rather highstrung/high energy person despite the meds…

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20 lbs over the last year on Risperdal, Zyprexa and now Seroquel XR. I’ve been pushing my old pdoc to at least decrease the dosage (I’m on 800 mg/day), but every time we did I ended up in the hospital. I changed pdocs a couple of months ago and he’s not fond of decreasing anything quite yet. :frowning:

i gained 40 lbs with risperidal and abilify

Probably gained a couple hundred pounds on Zyprexa. Dunno. Stopped weighing myself after a point. Also became seriously diabetic and needed metformin. Have lost more than half that weight, still have some to go. No longer have to take metformin. I think the makers of Zyprexa should all be jailed. What a horrible and dangerous medication.


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I gained about 5 stone (70lbs) on olanzapine

About 84 lbs. It’s been a very gradual process of gaining weight over many years.

It’s in kilos at my region. I have gained almost 30 kilos which is equivalent to some 60 lbs

Ive picked up almost 80 pounds since being on ap’s. Im on geodon now and am maintaining a weight of 285. I hope the exercising will help soon.