Tell me about aripirazole

My psychiatrist has agreed to consider switching me to aripiprazole in the new year, so I want to hear about it from people who know about/have taken it. I’m interested in how effective it is for delusions and depression and it’s side effects. Thanks for info.

I have trialled it twice. On paper it looks pretty good side effects wise. I unfortunately could not tolerate it well. I lost my sleep and found it too activating and I was very anxious all the time.

That’s my personal experience. Don’t let it put you off. Not all the drugs out there are for everybody and it does work well for a lot of people.

I was taking 90mg abilify, and in the start I had nervousness. I couldn’t sleep well, when I was taking it before bed.

I thought the max dose was 30mg how come you were taking 90mg?

Yes, when I changed pdoc, I was taking 30, and now I am completely off it.

I’ve been on it for 6 years. It raised my blood sugar and I was prescribed metformin to counteract that. So get blood tests every 6 months to keep an eye on things.

It increased my anxiety but I’m able to handle that with just supplements (broccoli sprout extract and L-theanine)

Its mediocre in terms of efficacy but has good side effects. No prolactin elevation, no major EPS side effects, no qtc prolongation, no sedation, no weight gain.

It did not fix my paranoia, now im on clozapine since 6 years.

I’ve only been on it 3 weeks or so, and I’m loving it. It’s given me some pep, my voices are mostly whispers, I feel like life is just easier now. Not being followed and watched. Not being talked about.

It’s a good drug for me so far. Wishing you well on it!

Does it effect negative symptoms in anyway?

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It helps you to not mind the negative symptoms :joy: it has an antidepressant effect.

I struggle a great deal with motivation.

Yeah they don’t have any meds that target negatives yet but antipsychotics can make them worse or (sometimes) have a slight impact on them. I’m hopeful that ones in research like roluperidone might help in the future.

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I’m on Abilify and for me it works. I’m taking it since 2015. I haven’t gained weight. I don’t have so much delusions. I don’t know if it works for depression because I’m taking two antidepressants (Citalopram and Trazodone). I know sometimes it’s effective for anxiety.

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They added aripirazole to my clozapine but unfortunately I got anxiety which I couldn’t handle

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I like aripiprazole very much except my main concern has been weight gain although I’m still working on losing weight if I can. My positive symptoms are gone.
It has downsides but so do all aps. Which in this case are feeling disconnected from people somewhat, lowered energy, motivation and concentration all of these things contribute to anxiety, in particular the weight gain

Are you on any other meds too if I may ask. I love aripiprazole too, shame about the hair thinning thou

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Risperidone, but we’re planning on getting me off it because the abilify is working so well

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nice :smiley:


I’m on abilify, the 400mg injection and its worked pretty well for me with a couple exceptions.

It caused me severe anxiety at first and I was prescribed klonopin to combat that.

I also suspect it caused me great hair loss,

But that’s also subsided now.

All together its a great medication, my positive symptoms are mostly under control,

I wish you luck with it.

I’m on it at 10mg. At 15mg I had great anxiety and lower motivation, but the drop to 10mg has improved this.

However, compared to risperidone, I feel this is a miracle drug. My motivation on risperidone was zero.

However, different people, different drug effects.

My dr. mentioned taking ability in a shot. Right now I am back on zyprexa until this Vraylar is out of my system. I have been feeling like I am going to jump out of my skin. Does anyone have experience with the injection?