From olanzapine to aripiprazole

Has anyone done this? What is the withdrawal from O like? Is aripiprazole as effective?

What is effective I suppose… Maybe it’s up maybe it’s down. Who can know how anyone will react!

You have to try it. Ppl will just guess. I was stable on 20mg Abilify and not stable on 20mg Zyprexa eventhough studies say Zyprexa is stronger. Its bcz studies use an average of many ppl which is not always true in real life for every person.


I didn’t get withdrawals from Olanzapine bcz my Dr slowly reduced the dose while slowly increasing Abilify dose.

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I tried it for a couple of years and it didn’t really pan out for me so I went back to olanzapine. Abilify had bad akithesia early that went away. First couple of nights on it were pretty strenuous. Otherwise it just didn’t really make me any better and wasn’t losing weight so back to zyprexa.

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Ive Done it. I had Abilify a week. I couldnt sleep at all or Wake up 05.00 in the morning. So got back to Zyprexa. Zyprexa withdrawal, made my symtoms worse.

Yes @Aziz I’m sure you’re right I just have to try it and see how it is for me!

I will probably keep olanzapine to hand for PRN if things go off the rails as it’s a very effective anti-manic in addition to being an AP. They recommend against being on multiple APs at once here but an exception is made when titrating from one to the other.

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@rogueone and @Yellowdiamond that doesn’t sound great but it’s kind of reassuring to remember that if aripiprazole doesn’t work out there’s always the “known good” to return to…

It’s a shame O has so many side effects as it’s a really great med otherwise ;(

I found reducing my olanzapine difficult. It was really hard going from 10mg down to 7.5mg then 5mg, and I did it over 8 months. However switching from olanzapine to aripiprazole was fairly easy. I had problems with the aripiprazole, at 10mg it didn’t get my symptoms to a manageable level and I had strong akathisia. I also didn’t lose any weight. In fact since I stopped olanzapine I’ve put on 30kg.

Having said that, these drugs work very differently for different people, and it is worth a try if you are not doing well on your current medication!

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Doing well that’s the big question isn’t it. I can’t deny O is effective for me it’s just the side effects I could really do without. I’m sedated all day to the point of being a zombie. I’m sleeping my life away. Libido disappeared and lack of motivation even worse than it was before. The cherry on top is the weight gain - I don’t fit my clothes anymore except for a pair of sweatpants that stretch.

I’ve read that ari is more activating and fewer side effects and my pdoc seems open to a discussion about a meds change so thought I’d explore that path see if the grass is any greener…

I have thought of changing O, but i think its a risk.
I tried seroquel and risperdal before but was allergic.

I stopped taking 10mg Olanzapine and started taking 5mg Abilify. The main problem was I had trouble sleeping. I also started hallucinating and got paranoid on 5mg Abilify. My pdoc upped it to 10mg and the hallucinating and paranoia stopped for the most part.
I like Abilify a lot. My mood swings and anxiety went away. My blood sugar (diabetes) went to near normal. My sexual functioning returned, and I’m not as sedated.
The sleep problem has gotten better since last May when I switched.

I forgot to mention that I stopped gaining weight and actually have lost 50lbs (22.7kg).

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I stopped olanzapine and stayed 6 months on aripiprazole. It was a very difficult period for me as I was under intense anxiety. Now I am back on olanzapine for 9 months and I am better with less anxiety. It depends on the person I think you need to try it and see if it works for you. For me it didn’t work too well :blush:

I don’t know if I will ever get back as good as I was on Olanzapine the first time

The aripiprazole is as effective as Olanzapine for me. (aripiprazole 10mg and olanzapine 7.5mg)
The withdrawal was bad I had severe insomnia…

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Thanks @ElGato your experience is very interesting. Similar side effects as me.

I might keep olanzapine as a PRN. It’s very effective. Hopefully aripiprazole works well too. I’ll try it and see. If not then it’s back to O again! I could also try lurasidone after A that’s also available here.

I’ve been on O for over three years so I expect there will be some withdrawal effects. Can’t be helped I suppose. I heard some people get anxious initially on A I will have to ask for some lorazepam if that happens in my case (I have co-diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder so it’s likely?!)

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Just don’t go cold turkey on Olanzapine. It is horrible doing that.

You’re right @Joker I’ll be careful and will listen to pdoc’s advice about tapering off. It may take a few months or maybe longer. That’s OK.

I might also increase my lamotrigine just to have more balls in the air at once :wink:

hi!I’m taking Abilify since 2017,I have to take qetiapine,lorazepan and rivotril to sleep well

I had withdrawal from 17.5 mg zyprexa a few years ago and was at 17.5 for maybe 5 to 7 years until that and i had started at 2.5 about 12 to 15 years before that… Omg i was so stressed i couldnt sign my name for months maybe…
Please be gentle on urself… It may take time to feel balance … I recently switched from zyprexa of 2.5-5 to quietapine now just a couple weeks ago… And ive gotta take some chill time from some duties in life… But im ok… And im finding balance some days more than others… Yet its lil by lil and day by day… I also take depakote for my moods.

Hated olanzapine have very small doses of amisulpride to manage episodes now … hope ur feeling better !!!

According to studies olanzapine is more effective for positive symptoms than aripiprazole.