Apripipazole expierences please


Just like to hear peoples expierence on apripipazole amd side effects really … im changing from rispeirdone to it and hoping its gonna be good for me as I dont like rispeirdone side effects its been a though few months


I was on olanzapine and changed to aripiprazole. The pros of aripiprazole:

  • more energized
  • don’t eat a lot

The con:

  • maybe it increases my intrusive thoughts, but it’s not big deal for me


Keep us posted on how you feel, the drug should take effect within a couple of weeks. It might be the best thing that ever happened to you or the opposite.


I feel the opposite on Aripipazole.

I don’t feel that energized at all. I feel like Aripipazole or Abilify blocks stimulants effectively, so stuff like Coffee isn’t as potent. I don’t know, it could be just me though.

Other than the Energy issue, I have slight difficulty focusing on things. I have to take adderall in attempt to focus, like at work.

Other than the focusing and the energy problem, Abilify or Aripipazole isn’t that bad.


That’s Abilify right? I had a miserable experience with it personally. Gave me terrible anxiety/restlessness. (I forget the word for it-akesthesia?) Also made me STARVING hungry. It did almost nothing for my psychotic symptoms but did actually help immensely with my depression and pulled me out of a serious episode.


Abilify is a drug with very low side effects among all antipsychotics [1]

Does not increases prolactin (actually reduces it)
No major EPS symptoms (very low) - may come at high doses
No weight gain
No qtc prolongation
No major sedation

Mediocre in terms of efficacy

My experience:
I could only tolerate max 10mg of abilify. Above that dose i felt extremely lethargic, couldn’t even get out of the bed. It was not effective for my psychosis at this dose, so my pdoc put me on clozapine which is extremely effective for psychosis/sz but i sleep alot and gained alot of weight on it.



I’m on 25 mg Abilify.

In the beginning I had some head ache before I got used to the dose. I started on 5 mg but had to increase it until 25 mg because the psychotic symptoms persisted. I still hear voices. But delusions and paranoia are manageble now. I can recognize delusional thinking or paranoia and reason with myself if it is something to react on or not.

Zyprexa was much more effective. Was on 20 mg. But I had severe side effects.

I also have 300 mg Quetiapin in the evening.

Abilify makes me calm and much less anxious than before. It is not activating or making me restless. Not at this dose anyway.


I’m on abilify 10mg. It keeps me stable. It raised my blood sugar so I have to take metformin to counter that. Get regular blood tests.


Abilify does risk blood sugar problems like most anti-psychotics. The side effect of blurred vision was bad for me and seemed to cause permanent vision problems. I have been taking it for 11 years and I’m almost 28 though so it could be that this is normal age to need glasses. Everyone in my family wears glasses now so that’s prob just normal.I have read there is a risk fo compulsive behavior or gambling but I don’t think it makes me compulsive. It shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. Everyone tells me it is supposed to enhance the action of the other drugs its paired with.

It was the most effect medicine for me so far with the least side effects. I don’t think it was mediocre at all, it leveled me out and stopped the paranoia and mania. I had severe paranoia and anxiety and when I took it that went away. I haven’t been taking it for the past few months I was switched to sapphris but I already filled abilify so Im taking this instead like I said to the doctor and front desk. They don’t even call me or anything or check up on me. The reason I am doing so well was because I took it for a matter of years and it reversed the symptoms progression so it appeared that it was less severe.

My illness is still just as severe but the medication makes it seem like I’m normal. The other aspects are just part of who I am that make me stand out. The sedation is not terrible for me. For the first three weeks you might have some moodiness or emotional unease. It makes you sensitive for the first month to adjust to it. Then it helps a lot. If you take abilify, drink lots of water and keep your habits healthy.

Overall I haven’t had any negative exeriences with it. The only issues I had were unrelated.


Hi, here’s a long story made very short. Never hallucinated or heard voices, never felt paranoid. Yet mental health services put me on Risperdal Consta. Felt like a was permanently, like every second of my life, cycling up a steep hill with a hangover. They’ve put me on Aripiprazole now, just had a months injection in one go. My legs have gone, like I can’t project them, walking feels like a hassle sometimes, just no energy in my legs, it’s difficult to describe what it is like. I fear further aches and pains will follow like it did with Risperdal Consta, I actually thought I had fibromyalgia at one point on Risperdal but I think I can conclude it was the medication. Anyone got some advice for me?


Abilify is supposed to be really stimulating but for some reason it made me extremely tired and lethargic. But for some odd reason I did like abilify, I felt more crisp on it if that makes sense. But I just couldn’t stay awake on that med. Now I’m on olanzapine (zyprexa)


Abilify makes me calm.


When they put me on apripipazole I actually got an increase in physical strength from it. I think it might have helped a little with my negative symptoms too. But it got me a little too amp’ed up. I was kind of antsy when I was on it. I was a little too intense. They eventually had to take me off it. I can see how it might help depression if it was combined with an antidepressant.


Best thing about ability is No prolactin increasesv


I just switched to Abilify 2 months ago and haven’t noticed any changes from my previous medication. I’m on forced injection and have to see a nurse every 4 weeks with Abilify instead of 2 weeks with the previous medication.


Switching to Abilify from Invega because of extreme anxiety. I’m tapering off and discontinuing my Invega. Starting Abilify 5mg in 3 weeks! If that goes well, I’ll get the injection probably. I’ll keep you posted!


I have been on Abilify a long time. It completely takes away the Schizophrenia, at least for me anyway. The only big side effect for me really is that it makes you very tired almost all the time.