Teens and mental illness

I found out from my doctor that he suspects i have ADD but i refused Ritalin. I talked to my therapist and doctor about my problems in high school and he said i could have been displaying negative symptoms even then.

What I’m worried about now is my mother in law’s niece. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia bipolar disorder like i was but she had a break down because he mom didn’t want the doctor to tweak her meds. She was taken to the emergency room a few days ago

my daughter was diagnose as adhd in third grade, by the age of 13 they changed the diagnosis several times and landed on bipolar. There has even been talk that she’s sza. Now at 18 she is unmedicated and refusing treatment. If I had it to do all over again I would never medicate her at that young age, but hindsight is 20/20

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YOU DID WHAT?!?!:astonished:

(Just kidding, I couldn’t resist the opportunity.)

Well i refused because Ritalin according to my doctor increases dopomin while anti psychotics decrease it. I didn’t want two combative chemicals in my brain


This is not funny, I am against forced medication in all instances.
On the other hand, there is the problem that people get hostile thought content-
I wouldn’t know from my thought content that I needed meds even if my life depended on it.
The issue with people’s thought content needs to be taken care of.

@Erez_Shmerling I was suggesting indirectly that OP is potentially missing out on the benefits stimulants can offer, including increased focus and mental clarity. But of course you (@cbbrown) and your doctor know your situation better than I do. Best wishes.

You can give advice, advice is good, and if you have advice be clear what you’re talking about.
I think @cbbrown has to find out how Ritalin reacts with her antipsychotics, instead of making
a judgment on her own.

I went against the advice of doctors and I regret it.
( But I couldn’t help it really).

Medicating kids is a really tough thing because these are serious drugs and I remember seeing studies when I was doing a project that said how APs damage brain development so like they’re bad for children and some APs are just too dangerous to be prescribed to kids at all.

But if they’re having psychosis then that’s gonna damage their brain development too…if you’re young and mentally ill you’re pretty much screwed either way. :disappointed:


I’m 18 and i feel bad on invega/xeplion injection… i cant imagine what the kids are going through…

@Anna no @Anna you’re not screwed, your life is invaluable EVEN IF you’re sick and your quality of
life is low.
So what if brain development is damaged ? SO WHAT?
For me I love people with damaged brains no less, and actually much more than people with healthy brains.

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