Has anyone had experience of stimulants such as adderall or ritalin

has anyone had experience of these stimulants…adderall or ritalin or any others you know

I took adderall once when I was in the hospital at my worst, completely paranoid. The doctor ruined my chances. It was a one time deal. It’s so hard to get adderall as a schizophrenic, especially without a diagnosis of ADD. Even getting a diagnosis of ADD without getting diagnosed as a child is a pain in the butt.

I ended up totally paranoid and psychotic after she gave me 10 mg of adderall or whatever. It was one pill. I could get it if I go through with my ADD diagnosis, but it’s not worth it because I cannot quit the energy drinks for a week. Plus, adderall is something I am learning to not want anymore. It’s over rated and can cause new symptoms of psychosis.

Anyways, I now take Strattera for ADD. It is a non-stimulant and works completely different. It works on norepinephrene not dopamine. It’s doing amazing for me, but I feel like it’s sort of weak. I’m on 40 mg and I want to increase it when I see my doctor again. Perhaps to 80 mg. I feel safer and no addiction issues or anything.

Adderall and Ritalin are not recommended for people prone to psychosis. It is highly addictive, and known to make psychosis worse.


@Ninjastar…thats disappointing to read…i was hopeing that it would treat the negative symptom of “poverty of thought”… the AP’s are downing me alot…my mind needs stimulation…i tried sarcosine but it did nothing for me…@Ninjastar…where did you come across that those stimulants were bad for sz…also what would you recommend for poverty of thought, my mind is like a graveyard and social sitautions are like a nightmare…if only i could get my mind going…i thought adderall or ritalin would do it…by the way i cant drink alcohol as voices wont let me so i cant use that stimulant…ii thought stimulants might do it…any advice anybody

There is nothing for the negative and cognitive symptoms. Maybe Xanomeline in the future.

Stimulants don’t work, I tried Wellbutrin, it increases dopamine and noreadrenalin. It only made me worse, more sleepy.

This is a good overview

Vraylar is an antipsychotic that has some anecdotal evidence of being better for negative symptoms. Might be worth asking your doctor.


Stimulants increase or cause psychosis because they increase brain dopamine function.
APs decrease dopamine function.

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Stimulants worsen psychosis/sz. Tried ritalin once and went psychotic on it.

I tried adderall and man I was paranoid as crap. My temper was bad and I just wanted to fight everyone. Never again.

Strattera though its not a stimulant its not completely safe it can worsen heart rhythms. So if you have some heart issues its best to avoid it. Worse than stimulants though we cannot notice it. Also it not give much effect either only some 5 or 10% improvement which is not significant enough to take it daily.

Omega 3 fish oil is best for cognition. Take it daily. It helps with attention.

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