Taste hallucinations

Does anybody know any coping mechanisms for taste hallucinations? I’ve tried a bunch of things but nothing seems to work.


Don’t believe in religions. Study weaponized anthropology and the Trivium.

See the world and your inner self through a purely realistic mind.

:slight_smile: I hope you’re okay if I say that.

What does religion have to do with anything??? I’m sorry I’m confused???


Visualize something nice. Never had somatic hallucinations like that but you know my answer. You might find your doing better with some meds but that is another story.

Seriously. I think with you it’s confusing because your too involved in your treatment. I’d recommend a decent psydoc. They’d sort out that ptsd and your finally dealing with it objectively.

I think you need help but therapy is a waste of time for you. You cherry pick your therapist and if you were really schizophrenic you’d have no choice in the matter. Yeah you don’t need the meds. I think there’s a reason for that.

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Dude please not right now I have no issue with you I just want some help with this

thought hallucinations were visual lol

What do you mean

taste is not visual i mean, idk what kinds you get, visual, tactile, olfactory but i forget there meanings

just google it and its called gustatory hallucinations lol never heard of that before :slight_smile:

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Hang on. No offence. I gave you some serious advice and you reject it at your peril.

I seriously think you’d do better with a decent psychiatrist. You have an answer for everything and that is cool. I just think therapy only helps certain people. I am just saying you might need another approach and getting a psychiatrist who knows stuff about ptsd is a pretty decent recommendation.

You ask for answers. You have problems then you continually discount peoples advice…there’s a pattern here. Maybye your not schizophrenic? I’d be doubting the diagnosis!

By the dude not right now I mean stop with the you’re not schiz bit. I know you think I should see a different doctor but the one I have right now meshes with me very well. the visualize something nice I actually trying to do.

My doc and I are making progress even though it’s very slow so far but I blame myself for not being able to open up more than it has anything to do with her skills.

And yeah I cherry picked her cause I wanted somebody with experience with my symptoms and I didn’t want to go to a person that thought Jesus was the answer to all my problems.

I don’t discount people’s advice? Or at least I try not to.

Really just stop man I just want anybody suggestions on what I can do in the present moment to solve this.

Look. I’m doing some research. I worry about folk around here. You flag a lot of protection responses but I’m just saying there’s a pattern with this type of post of yours already and I’m just pointing that out.

I think you do have problems and I’m trying to learn them but I am offering you pretty serious advice. I can’t help it if you don’t want to hear that. I appreciate you are unusual and I’ve been reading up on things but if you can see my point of view…You come from nowhere saying your this and that and you don’t have some of the conditions others here have gone through.

You don’t get well from psychosis without meds. If you did that your a really special person so there’s some problems there. Grounding doesn’t get you well from psychosis so you can see why I’m questioning this. Lots of people come through here needing some pretty specific help and you just dropped in one day as some sort of expert.

I’m trying to help you. I am trying to be nice and understanding about what you are bringing to the table. I appreciate you don’t want the meds but nearly all of us have no choice in the matter. You don’t do yourself any favours. You really don’t. Your aggressive with those who offer you the med alternative. If you hang around here for more than two months then you see how practical the med alternative is.

I am just trying to understand you and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but hey. You present different from everyone here…fair cop…but you ask for help and I give that like I do to everyone here!

@Noise it’s just his own opinion why feed into it let him believe and say what he wants to say. You know what’s the truth and so do many others on this site. This is just one guy thinking he’s smarter than everyone else and thinks he has the answers to everything. He thinks he gots you all figured out like he’s some kind of doctor something. Screw him! You do you!


I’m just a stupid old paranoid schizophrenic. Nothing more or less.

I appreciate your opinion @Longhorn21 and your perfectly right! It is just an opinion!

It’s the internet. We are all just hacks but come here and ask for help then rail against everything…c’mon man!

Your opinion doesn’t matter but every time you state your damn opinion you feel the need to talk @Noise down and call him/her out for no damn reason. Noise already told you to back off and leave him/her alone so do it. No need to keep pushing it go bug someone else. Everyone has the right to seek for help on here. We all go through enough hard ■■■■ everyday and don’t need some no it all who thinks he runs the site to be rude and talk some one down. Move on and leave Noise alone!


Folks, cool down. This discussion is getting a little too heated.