Tardive dyskinesia supplements?

Does anyone suffer from TD ? I have a slight movement in both hands wondering if there are any supplements that might help ease that ?

dunno, I may have a bit of that also. I heard it can be permanent…Sometimes it be due to anxiety. Not sure how to really diagnose, some medicines can cause it even after stoping. people get “shakes” or trembles when they have anxiety, Dr’s usually cant really diagnose which is which I think. There is kinda no point cause there is no cure I think? Either way when we shake a bit its something that cant really be fixed or we just cant stress out with or without anxiety issues. Maymbe Some B vitamins?..

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Actually there are several Rx’s that can ‘reverse’ it but I want to know supplements I prefer not to over medicate as much as possible plus I am already on propanalol which is suppose to help with symptoms but I have my doubts that it’s actually working at all

I have it, but I dont know of any supplements that help with it.

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Have you tried magnesium or B6? I don’t remember where I read this, but bananas supposedly help :woman_shrugging:

I heard years ago that vitamin E helps. Having said that, I’ve been taking it every day for years but now I’m having TD symptoms from time to time.

I saw a TV ad about TD and meds that do something for it. I haven’t looked into it yet(I don’t watch much TV). In the ad they said excessive uncontrolled eye blinking is TD; also uncontrolled head movements. I have a little of both those symptoms.

I’m not having the classic tongue-mouth movements or the shaky hands so I thought I dodged the TD bullet. Apparently not.

i take cogentin(benztropine) for my side effects my hands use to shake really bad sometimes, i know its not a supplment and is a rx but it works

How much of cogentin do you take per day?

probly 1mg 3x a day

i took 3gms of niacinamide for about three months and found excessive eye blinking stopped also i found speech improved iread in abram hofefr books that this along with managnese helps with tardive dyskinsinveia choline also helps aper one of the admins

I got prescribed Procyclidine for this when I was on Haldol, and also Diazepam.

I don’t think a simple supplement will eliminate this problem.

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