Talking to ghosts

Hey guys I know ive been posting alot of topics and im sorry but I just have so many questions about my condition. One part of my condition is that I talk to ghosts, especially the ghost of syd barrett I see him and hear his voice with an english accent. Anyone else also talk to ghosts. this is no joke i mean id like to feel like im special for talking to him but if anyone else has talked to ghosts of celebrities or has any insight let me know

It’s not real.

I’m always afraid the dead people I know are going to talk to me until I remind myself that it’s not real and then forget about it.

You are only talking to aspects of yourself.

id like to believe you but ive been talking to him for awhile now and he seems pretty real

He’ll probably keep talking now to you until you get bored with it then.

why do you say that?

Cause that’s how my ghosts/people worked.

oh ok. sorry im still trying to figure all of this â– â– â– â–  out

It takes time. I’ve been trying to rush recovery as fast as I can as logically as I can and its still taking years.

I will say I generally don’t take interest in mental communication anymore. They never say anything you aren’t subconsciously thinking for yourself.

i just dont know how to wake up from my constant dream state

There is no momentary wake up.

It’s more like your brain is overactive and used to doing more than it should. You have to gradually reduce the amount of actively as you find yourself able too.

If you do not think of things or expect them to occur they will less likely occur(regarding hallucinations)

There is also delusional worldviews, and obsessive focus/thinking you have to deal with.

Takes a lot of time. No one is giving you a deadline either. People know it’s best to consider this a life long illness. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight for the mental experience you want to have.

thank you that was very insightful.

I hope it helps. Every sz is different this is just what working for me.

Yes, i don’t speak to them but they sure as hell keep talking to me.

I went through two tortorous possessions as well, gods and beings were appearing and they even tried to get me to kill myself on top of a pyramid. It was very very very very very very creepy having your own thoughts try to get you to kill yourself. Your heart doesn’t want it but your mind is taken over and keeps thinking it and even comes up with reasons to do it.

One fine evening one was out there and bent my spine backwards, it put physical force on it and it even screwed up my breathing.

I just don’t have the logistics of it all. voice response systems can be quite advanced, tele communications to, they can spin the illusiont that they are there the entire time actually when they aren’t.

Don’t think it was the government that could induce that nde i had either. A completely realistic and waking dream state that was induced, you won’t know you are asleep it’s so very real, you are wide awake in there. Like the dream sequence in the golden child, kind of like that. You wake up and go “i was asleep?”

Torture makes you a negative person and then everyone hates you for it so you get even more negative and then they hate you for that to so you get more negative.

yeah, im dead.

i feel exactly the same as you honestly

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Of course we all know they don’t exist. :grimacing:

And yes…I’ve had my share of encounters back in the day.

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Hey there. You aren’t alone with the whole ghosts thing! To be honest you are very very lucky you are aware of it and can combat it.
My partner’s mother has Schizophrenia and she speaks to various voices, we’ll call her Ella. We aren’t 100% how many voices Ella hears because she knows we think they aren’t real and she will not accept they are not. Ella hears celebrities, dead and alive. Charles Manson is one of them, (and Eminem once had a message for my brother). She says she has a connection to Manson and they speak telepathically. She professes his innocence and is considering writing him letters in prison. She also claimed to see aliens mocking her psychiatrist when she was tested for Disability Living Allowance benefits.

Ella feels the spirits are telling her great secrets about peoples thoughts and intentions. That people having negative thoughts about others causes bad things to happen to the people they think them about. Kind of like the whole evil eye mythology. She gets very angry and upset at people when the voices tell her someone is being negative. For example, she used to have a friend called Patsy. They were friends a very long time, since my partner was a child, along with Patsy’s daughter growing up. Last year Ella bought a new Sim card to hide her identity and starting sending Patsy messages that she was a bad person. Saying that Patsy needed counselling and her bad thoughts about people had caused her daughter to have autism and her mother to die of cancer and she needed to change before she brought other people down with her. She similarly turned on her mother and sister for the same reasons and got aggressive.

You are not alone. Knowing that it isn’t really Syd Barrett will give you power over his voice to force it away. He may be comforting, but everyone is special and you are no exception. I wish you all the luck in the world with your journey forward. I only wish everyone else with your condition was as lucky as you. Ella is pushing everyone away, living alone in her home with her voices, and will likely lose her family and stay that way for the rest of her life. Be free, be happy and remember, you will never be alone as long as you talk to people about how you feel and not the voices. xxx

I’ve had contact with ghosts. They have entered my body and touched me but I did not see them. Only heared them whisper.

I also have a guardian angel, Jerek, who appears before me.

I have to disagree with you on that Ghosts Don’t exist they do I believe every person has a Soul and I would like to think animals do as well I believe in Ghosts 100 percent I never doubted they existed some exist in peoples minds but I believe once your dead your Soul goes to God to heaven that’s if you were Saved and Believe that Jesus rose on the third day from the dead. I have had Ghostly Visitors for sometime and its real my Family hears their footsteps and I do too upstairs when were downstairs I know their the Spirits of my Grandparents just passing through and coming to visit us. Why because at times I smell cigarette smoke and I am not the only one who smells it and I have smelled chewing tobacco at other times I know my Grandpa my moms dad chewed tobacco and my Grandma my dads mom smoked for years that’s all wed smell when we went to her house when she was here to visit I have had numerous encounters to just blow it off and say I am crazy when my family hears and smells the same things I smell does that mean my family is nuts I think not my mom doesn’t have anything or any mental illness neither does my dad, I also have smelled the soap my Grandma my moms mom used to use just the other day. They Say Spirits or Ghosts same difference take what they love with them to the other side perfumes lotions soaps etc…Or they come across making their presence known to me using scents or objects to let me know their here. I have had objects like dolls move from the cradle we have upstairs down to the middle of our Stairs at first we though the dog moved it but it was like sitting on the stairs perfectly like someone placed it there and wanted us to find it there anyhow weird to say the least and I am not scared of Ghosts like most people are most people fear what they know nothing about or understand to say the least.

My moms biggest regret is not getting me checked out when I told her i heard ghosts :ghost:

That was when I was 15-19…then when serious psychosis came I stopped hearing the ghosts.