Talking To Ghosts

Apparently I must be talking to ghosts. It’s happened when I’m home alone and someone asks a questions and I answer back. I verbally respond to the ghost. I’m calling it a ghost because I’m always alone when it happens.

A couple nights ago it only said “hey” to me right next to my pillow. Scared the crap out of me.

Anyone else relate?

This happens when I’m out in public too. I’ll believe someone is talking to me when in fact they were just passing by and not even talking.


Do you have schizophrenia? Are you on meds?

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I have seen ghosts, they look like a shadow, but they appear lighter than the background instead. They never do much or say anything, they are probably just some stray energy that cause us to hallucinate something that isn’t really there.

Yes and yes. I’m on Abilify monthly injections, lithium, and a few others.

I think you should report the ghosts to your pdoc just in case

Very interesting. Maybe it’s just stray energy.

I will. He already knows but I’m going to mention again. I got for my monthly injection next week so hopefully then.

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Ok cool. I hope you find relief

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Thank you so much. It might just be one of my delusions not sure.

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Taking new APs and higher dosages doesn’t take away my “delusions” but I hope it does for you

We will see. So far nothing really helps 100% more just like bandaids.

@summer2 Welcome to the forums. I have been in communication with the spirit world since 2001. I also experience telepathy with incarnated people sometimes. Occasionally, I experience what I call “feed back loops” and minor audio or visual hallucinations rarely, pretty wide open internally and externally. I have learned techniques to control the experience and perceptions. I have taken medication as well for the past 20 years, initially because I was freaked out and had no support. I’m now on just one and a modicum of that, with supervision. I am physically dependent on the drug, its been really difficult to titrate because of physical withdrawal after being on it for so long.


I talked to what I thought was a ghost. He was a famous rock star. He tried to get all touchy with me. He told me I should ask the Pope about my fears.

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I get that every month just before my shot of antipsychotics. I feel like dark shadows moving in on me, the voices speak even when I’m awake in public. The worse I’ve seen is the hell looping pain on different people rotating into one another’s punishments. It’s evil schizophrenia.

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i was raped by a ghost before… it still spooks me till this day…

It was probably some kind of spirit. I think that ghosts are just some sort of energy that affects our brain to see something that isn’t really there, sometimes I think the energy may have come from a dead person’s soul.
My wife had a spirit come after her after her step father died, but she said the spirit looked like a real person, it even pushed her against the wall.

Hmm I wonder if that’s it because I’'m due for my injections next week. Hmmm.

Yes but what if we don’t want to be in communication. It seems unfair.

There are ways to deal with voices (of all sorts). That book I mentioned gives a lot of techniques, there are other avenues available these days to voice hearers. People with our perceptions have learned and passed down traditions for the experience for at least 70,000 year, that was interrupted in our culture, but other cultures view it differently than ours and deal with it differently. First of all, don’t panic and don’t start jumping to conclusions about what? who? or why? about the perceptions. Takes a while to develop discernment.

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I’m binge watching Tyler Henry on YouTube and he says he believes that when we die our consciousness carries over to the next dimension. I want to believe we keep our physical bodies just in a different dimension that we can’t perceive from here. I have had a few experiences in my life where I was connected to the spirit world. One time, I was trying to fall asleep and I felt a spirit or energy try to lift me off the bed. I found out later that I was being stalked and that the stalker was peeking in my windows waiting for me to go to sleep. The spirit ( a dead relative?) wouldn’t let me go to sleep and may have saved me.

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