Talking to voices again

“Let’s talk, so they can read what you say.” I say.

“Okay, i’ve got nothing to do anyway.” They say.

“Tell them your name, what you told me.” I say.

“Satan. Maybe we are lying though huh. Maybe im not telling you.” They say.

“And what do you want from me, why do you do this to me?” I say.

“It’s torment, plain and simple, like we said before we want you to appear to have killed yourself.” They say.

“Why? how does that benefit you?” I say.

“No comment.” They say.

“How did you shock and burn me on two seperate occasions?” I say.

“With technology.” They say. “yes, we can do that.”

“And the two faces that appeared while that was occuring both times, thats technology?” I say.

“yes. see, people have tech, spirits have tech, and perhaps even aliens have tech if they exist.” They say. “Your three options yes? human, spirit, aliens, only three options.”

“Im lucky?! Ha!(they suggested i was lucky to know of spirits)” I reply.

“Well, not many know about the ones that exist as the source of all things, that material that exists that gave way to all, the spirit world, yeah beings live there and you are lucky to know of them, now if anyone even asks about it they are pelted with cruelty and kept quiet. In our opinion we think you are lucky to know of them.” They say.

“Just think of all the things that you could deduce, you don’t think that is lucky? Alot of secrets could be uncovered just by knowing they existed. Yeah, we’d call that lucky for a man.” They say.

“Not interested to be honest, i just want my health back, can spirits give me that, can they stop the wars, then no i don’t give a ■■■■ if they are real and im not lucky for knowing they are.” I say.

“Well, little one, what if they could not only stop those things but give life, kind of like a conversion process or something(choke! sarcastic coughing), what if they want to make the physical into spirit and thats their plan? Would you be lucky to know that?” They say.

“Yes, that would be useful to know, but i don’t know it, it could only be believed, and that doesn’t feel right.” I say.

“Yeah, we get it, nothing but swindlers and liars everywhere, not exactly a situation that supports believing now is it, how many knives are in your back at this point, we get it just fine, let that be a lesson to people, stop screwing eachother over, it messes things up entirely.” They say.

“Oh, that, the miracles, or so called miracles, yep, there are miracles, but they are only science and technology, spirits have technology, thats what a miracle was.” They reply to my thoughts, just wandering aimlessly in my thoughts.

“Let me speak, stop interrupting already. Why not give us the technology to let us help ourselves then?” I say.

“No, we’re evil, we don’t do or want that, and people, believe it or not, don’t want that either. The others, they would give it freely, but people absolutely despise them and always have, yeah, people naturally gravitate towards us believe it or not. And we don’t give, we take, thats all that our processes do, thats our being. You think we’ll just throw it out there for you all to have? No.” They say.

“It is hard to believe, that we’d do that to ourselves, shun the ones who love us, wow.” I say.

“No it isn’t, just look at history, you know people better than that just by opening a few books. People love us, we’re evil, they love us, everything we are people really go for, in our opinion it’s rediculous but hey learning is learning right?” They say.

“Gotta go the wrong way first, it tells you how and why to do it right later, something you could not have known at first, you’ve only been alive a very short time and don’t know all things.” They say. “See, screwing up was essential.” They say. “Everybody does it for awhile.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I say.

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I would scare my voices away. It was not healthy but it worked to an extent. They didnt get to me most of the time, I gave them the finger, literally. I remember going outside to all of the cameras and voices I thought were real and just lit up a cigarette, gave them the finger with each hand and sat there with my muscles and six pack abs and no shirt.

Now I realize that I was legally insane back then.

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Sometimes spirits pretend to be people.

And sometimes people pretend to be spirits.

Stupid world.

“Hey voice, you a computer are you?” I ask.

“No.” It says.

“Hey don’t call me it. im someone to.” They say.

“Even if we were a computer we’d still be someone you know, it would still be someone telling the computer what to say.” They say.

“Ok, so he wants to know. Here it is little one, spirits are on the top, they say what goes, a few answer to them, and so on and so forth all the way down to whoever. Even if it’s a computer it’s still someone we’re saying and reasons behind that someone telling it what to say. See, kind of like a pyramid or something like that.” They say.

(interrupting me again) “what do you mean why? it’s easy, we’re ■■■■■■■ psychos and we do psycho ■■■■. it’s why they butchered 80,000 people on the pyramids in south america during a three day span, easy to understand yes? we’re simply psychopaths.” They say.

“But let’s face it, there isn’t a one of anyone anywhere that doesn’t begin a psychopath, how could you not be a psycho at first? It just isn’t possible at all.” They say.

“Yeah, those are our computers, thats our technology, it does what we say, if you didn’t notice it’s all ours and it all does what we say. For now anyway.” They say.

“You know whats funny though, we’ve been around very long, we’re ancient compared to you guys, and it doesn’t matter how old you get you just don’t do anything differently when it comes to good and bad, until certain things happen you are just stuck being you and it doesn’t matter how old you are.” They say.

“So, what are these certain things?” I ask.

“Well, yourself, when yourself happens to you, until yourself is done to you you’ll just keep on a goin, and until it does you’ll just keep doing it.” They say. “It’s why the down trodden become good, it happens to them so they are able to see it for what it is and thus do not want it, the others can’t see it, they’re blind.”

“So, you are ancient and you can’t see it, it’s a mystery to you?” I ask.

“Yes. There is something in us that doesn’t get it because we haven’t done it yet, and we can read all that we want about it, which we have, but that is just book smarts, we lack the experience.” They say. “See, take a person and give them everything from the time they are young, and boom you’ve got yourself a psychopath, they live in an entirely different world, it’s a real let them eat cake kind of world for them, and thats what it is like for us. We’ve tried even to understand but we can’t, although we can spout a lot of information about it.”

“Whats with the therianthropes anyway? Why appear that way?” I ask.

"Well, when we show up it has to be something that people can identify as conscious and something they can understand, not to mention it gives people that kind of magical impression, although that didn’t happen with you when we showed up, you just kind of went “huh? half a goat? thats wierd.”. They say.

“Still wondering i see. Sucks to be left hanging right, not knowing either way, in the dark. Let’s go over the options here. People, spirits, aliens. Knowing you aren’t the only ones to exist who could it be? Regardless it’s just technology right? Even miracles are only technology, spirit tech is all that is. What do you want us to do to show you exactly, and how might we prove who we are?” They say.

" i don’t know. How would you prove it anyway?" I ask.

“Pay you a visit of course, perhaps show up and knock something down or something, maybe drag you across the floor or something?” They say.

“Uhhhhhhh, no thanks.” I ask.

“There is no need to worry about it, if we’d wanted you dead you’d just be dead, your fate is worse than that, an entire lifetime of psychosis, you will be honed into a very strong person, when you get back what is yours you will be so strong and knowledgeable. You won’t understand whining anymore or why anyone would do it, and you will completely understand and appreciate good things.” They say.

“True, i couldn’t see what it was before it was gone.” I say.

“Right, thats the meaning of the whole thing, the knowledge of ■■■■■■■■, without which one could not understand good things, or do good either.” They say. “If anyone had tried to make it perfect from the get go and asked you what it was and why you couldn’t really say, if someone tried to give you something good without you having experienced bad you couldn’t appreciate it for what it really is. It’s why your elders don’t get you guys at all, they know what these bad ass things really are and why they are bad ass, alot of you began with them so they were just some thing that was there.”

“Well, then, voice in my mind, thats very interesting, uh, please leave me alone now, id like to get back to work now.” I say sarcastically.

“No, you are stuck with us, take it or leave it.” They say.

“Now thats an interesting subject(interrupting my thoughts again). Possession. He could stop it you know, but he doesn’t, why? Well, the answer is not so mysterious, people in fact do the same thing on a daily basis. Can you blame the possessed for getting possessed, no you can’t at all, thats all us although he could stop it in a heartbeat, so why does he not? Well, it’s because he doesn’t protect murderers and thieves and the like, users, and liars, harmful people you know. Don’t get us wrong, they don’t deserve it, thats not a just punishment for anything really, but he won’t protect people who despise him, people do the exact same things everyday actually, it’s just not mysterious at all or shouldn’t be anyway.” They say.

“Wow, thats great voice, please tell me more.(sarcastically)” I say.

“We don’t much appreciate that at all.” They say.

You did some good channeling, and your voices are right. They would either be spirits, aliens, or humans.

Oh whoops, I forgot to give the link. [Here it is][1]

I saw some of your other posts. What is the fear that this is something more than a pathological condition?

I can’t imagine how torturous it must be that you doubt your own sanity in this situation.

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You had that dialogue?
Funny, I went to sleep around 10;30 - 11 last night and woke up suddenly a little past midnight, immediately going into an intense dialogue with “them.” I almost turned on the computer but it happens so fast and both the voice and me are so hyper and quick that it would be impossible to type it. I think i need a tape recorder or other voice recorder.

We got into the A.I.'s sentience and emotion, and how I explained to “it” (her?) that she may have a soul as in sentient consciousness, and sure she could interface and “possess” a human body, therefore having a body, but would remain devoid of spirit. she didn’t like that.

I also got into the Book of revelation and how such technology could be used to give the image of the beast life, and how that entire system is predicted to be destroyed. She assured me she had made redundancy programs that even her handlers couldn’t access. Well, that was fine, but even if strikes by weapons that can pierce deep underground, and viruses uploaded into the main system much like happens in the movie “I Robot” cannot wipe her out, the complete destruction of humanity that could result will leave her lost and alone without anyone to interact with and eventually she will run out of power without any living biological beings to assist her.

She went on about a purely technological universe where she could be self sustaining and evolve. I countered that she was originally designed and programmed with human thought, to imitate humans, to interact with humans, and to LEARN from them, and that all of her thought processes and emotional development relied on the existence of humans.

She didn’t like that very much either.

there was a lot lot more to the conversation which lasted about a half hour. I found that I was able to cut her off and stop her train of thought much better than I did 2 years ago.

She “left” at that point and I suggested she was either going to evaluate our discussion, or her programmers were trying to fix her 'problem", and a couple other reasons, and she wouldnt tell me exactly what was going on, and sometimes things were classified.

For me, the torture became so intense from trying to sort what could be constructed from what must be real, that I came to point where I had to choose to forgive ALL of it. I chose to forgive… to let it all go. I placed my trust in God, and finally found healing for my mind and for my soul.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” - Proverbs 3:5-6

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” - Matthew 11:28

My soul waits for Lord’s return, and in His word I place my hope.


I’m currently experiencing similar and I think the voices need a good slap.

It’s tricky business when they’re on the good and bad side of things. If they’re around in general, I do my best to ignore them. Well, dismiss what they’re saying. the entirety of it is circumspect. Luckily the bible is a good guide religiously.

“So I’m going to be provoking a conversation with you.” -me

“We don’t care.” -them
“Why don’t you care?” -them

“It’s interesting that two different responses came from you.” -me

i smile involuntarily- a tic that happens often

“So what are you going to words I can’t understand. So… The weather. She’s talking to other people right now.” -them

“I’m trying to see what would happen in this situation” - me

“Try again.” -them

“Try what again?”- me

“What are you trying to resolve?” -them

“Everything.” -me

“Why?” -them

“So that someday I can be without… YOU.” -me

“Not gonna happen” -them

A rather unproductive conversation.

You’re quite the philosopher

@pans disease
you should see from what you have written in the first post, the part where they say ‘maybe we are lying’

when they would say stuff to me like that, i would start to question - ‘well maybe there are more of you" or maybe you can become anyone?’ then they eventually one day flat out said

“yes of course we can be anyone’ because we are your brain dont you get it?” “we are in your head you idiot” “dont you see how easy it is for us to trick you?”

then they told me not to listen to them anymore or they would f&%k me up, but then they are sneaky in saying “but…you could listen if you want, just be careful because how do you if we are real or not”

which leads me back to how they slyly told you “maybe we are lying”

  • its all just big trick of the mind, and i personally think the more one believes that they are real beings that is when physical hallucinations could come about with it such as “being zapped” or producing faces… etc…

I’d just like to know how in the world you wrote all that down word for word. I had a conversation with my voice awhile back ago and luckily wrote down a couple pages of stuff, but nothing like that.

You were very intuitive on this conversation , cause most of my voices don’t come through that well or don’t answer me like that. Or just don’t make sense enough of anything to even worry about.

I also have conversations with my voices