Talk about anxiety - cops visited my home earlier

About 5 hours ago, 2 detectives knocked on my front door. I saw through the peephole it was the police, and rather than causing a scene, I opened the door. Turns out they were handing out fliers of a suspect they are trying to catch. For a minute there, my head was awash in anxiety, fear, and paranoia. Not fun!!


that must of been pretty scary, good for you for answering the door, i always get a bit scared when i see the police, you just got to think that they are only there to help and if you haven’t done anything wrong then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

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wow @anon40540444 that would’ve shook me up pretty bad. I got pulled over by two cars full of feds looking for a jewelry thief that fit the description of my truck…sheesh…they let me go ofcourse.

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To have the cops just BE on the doorstep is pretty jarring. Glad you were able to just play it cool and let them be on their way. That would have been a hard one for me too.

The Cops still make my heart skip a beat. I work for the city and because of that some cops know me by name due to the fact that my crew and I are working in parks that are on their beat.

When they come up to just ask a question… or say hi… I still get the urge to run.

Man Greg, that would totally freak me out!! :fearful: