Taking some Time off from talking to mum

I just find it difficult right now. I’m stressed out and she is so up and down with me that I just can’t deal with it right now.

I’ve asked my brother to tell her that I can’t communicate for 3 months because of my mental health. And now she’s complaining that I should have been the one to tell her.

And the other day she was complaining cos I took too long to come down for the take out food when I didn’t.

Miniscule things are problems with her. Even non existent problems become problems.

I just caaaan nooot deall with this right now as I’m super stressed.

My therapy is about 3 months then I’ll be in a better place mentally

She’s just too inconsistent for me, as a mother.


Don’t you live with your mother?

Does she support you?

I mean, how can you possibly avoid her for three months?


Yes I do live with her.

I think she finds me a pain. She only accepts me in the house because my Dad won’t have it any other way.

I do appreciate that I can be living there as my rent is not standard UK rent. I pay for my own food.

But I do not appreciate the way she is with me.

It’s not too hard to avoid each other for 3 months.

I’m mostly in my bedroom.

And I don’t cook food anyways. So not around in the kitchen much. For that time being…

My mum has this eating disorder too and it REALLY triggers my eating disorder when I see her eating. I just need some distance for that reason too.

sounds really hard to avoid her for 3 months when you live in same house…
but i hope that if you do it that it will help you.

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Thankyou LekkerHondje, I just don’t want to hear her complaining at me for a while. My brother will be my messenger.

I’ve had psychotic experiences with her in my head and it just brings all that up again too.

I get the feeling. But for my father. But I feel really guilty for the feelings I have in my psyche. It bothers me when he’s eating too… it triggers me a bit. But I’m the opposite… I don’t want to eat if I didn’t have to.

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Hugs to you ma’am. Hopefully your mother and you can reach a peaceful reconciliation.

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The thing is that I don’t think that she will change for some reason. That is what my Dad always tells me. I don’t know how I can get on with her smoothly but maybe there will be a way. I just can’t see it at the moment.

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Make sure to communicate to her that you still love her. So you don’t have any regrets as you age. That’s my 2 cents at least.


Yea when I am in a better place I will communicate more things with her. Thanks for the suggestion. It means a lot.

Hope you’re well.


Wasn’t it you who said you are cutting off communications with your friends? Maybe it was someone else. Cutting people out of your life can get out of hand.

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Hopefully if she was part of your support network you have others you can talk to when you need help if you plan on avoiding her for awhile.

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Thanks Agent101g

I’ve got it under control, I think.

I did change some things yea but it’s not too extreme.

Thanks Nick.

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Glad you can hold on to some positivity @anon66864989
That’s the spirit!

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Thankyou Wave. Yes I really want things to work out


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