My life literally wouldn’t be the same without

My mom. Maybe I’m too attached.

She’s been gone a week and still won’t be home till the 30th.

She is definitely my best friend (usually) and it’s so depressing here without her…


I’m not informed. Where is she?

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My husband wants to move to a different state. I do too. But I can’t imagine living so far from my mom again

She’s staying at a friends house

She’s taking some “me time”. Good for her. Now, relax. I’m sure you’re doing great without her.


Yeah lol she is. That’s not a bad thing.

It honestly just sucks not having someone to talk with all the time. I have my husband… but he wants to do his own thing usually…


I understand. I have my mom here in town. I go to help her sometimes. That’s good you spend time with your mom.


That sounds like a nice relationship. :heart:

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I think I’m a good person because my mom told me so.

On a more serious note, yeah I too feel the same about life with regards to our mama’s. I lived on my on my own renting a room for awhile, even lived in an apartment for a few years with my dad but moms have a sort of ability to make a house feel like a home. Honestly, it may be loserish to say but I too feel my mom is one of my closest friends.


What really blows for me is my mistakes were so small and definitely could’ve been avoided but due to my carelessness it spiraled into some life long issue of schizophrenia that I can barely deal with
My life would never be the same and this illness I’m stuck with didn’t even have to happen had I just used a little more common sense :disappointed_relieved:

Another thing – my mother is my best friend as well, we go to lunch once a week and live near by, I’m much like her


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